Why belted swimsuits are the best bet for summer


I’m not fat, but basically no waist, I find it difficult to wear. Do you think I can wear that trendy bathing suit with a belt? I read that they suit everyone, but I don’t believe them!

I’m not fat, but I basically don’t have a waist. I find it hard to wear. Do you think I can wear that trendy bathing suit with a belt? I’ve read them for everyone, but I don’t believe them! How big is the waist, say: what? Isn’t the swimsuit what the ad says? I’m sorry, but a single style will never suit everyone. Traditional sculpt wisdom. Wear everything you wear around your waist. We like to retain judgment until we see it in individuals. Anyway, try on one or all of the swimsuits below, but, for God’s sake, don’t buy anything that makes your waistline look thicker or too tight. Luxury swimsuit designer Lisa Marie Fernandez (lisa marie fernandez) chose the suit. One of her triple poppy stamps has three adjustable bows with three adjustable bows and a bare skin space in the middle (HK $3890 and above; mesh-porter). We also like her arden ruffled one-shouldered swimsuit (HK $3180) with a detachable belt on its waist and a playboy (HK $3975) tied around the waist like a coat. Flagpole swimming created her flag-style swimsuit. The illusion of a belt minus the extra fabric you may have lost in your suitcase. We like the blue and white swimsuit that covers Joel Allen’s color with a navy suit (HK $3450; Ryan Crawford); you don’t have a bikini, but I’ll give you some solid ones anyway.


I’m going to the beach for my holiday. I need to buy myself a nice big straw hat. But how do I pack? I don’t want to carry a hat box like luggage! Is there another way?

Dictator: what is this? Buy yourself a hat that can be rolled up or packaged! Yes, they exist. We have come a long way, baby. Healstand stocks have several excellent wide-sided hats, such as Provence 10 and Provence 12 from helen kaminskiki, who include packaged hats in each set (HK $1880 to HK $2830). Women’s Elizabeth gomssalar recommends nicki marquardt’s Madison Abaka hat, natural and black (HK $2990). Another brand to consider is eric javit, whose susihe series is for people like you. Just roll it up, watch it open, when you open it. We love striped susihe caps made of straw-like ultraviolet barrier material and sold as natural white or black (HK $3166; Northrop & amp; GT;). Related articles, the brand can provide detailed instructions on how to package each style, but it’s really easy to fold into half a circle and then loose scrolling. Even if you don’t have a packaged hat, if you know it, put it in a suitcase. Gomulsall suggests filling the crown with soft clothing, such as socks or underwear, putting it upside down in the suitcase, and using your other clothes under the brim. A supporting layer is formed around and above. Or, put it on the plane! If you’re full, all you need is a hatbox hateman with some (HK $1990 each) and will be saved. Anyway, don’t they sell hats? Just saying .


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