The Hottet bikini trends of 2018

This year, many strange swimsuit trends have shaken the fashion world. Whether it’s a inverted bikini or a swimsuit, everyone has a style this summer. To celebrate International Bikini Day today, the Daily Star reviews 2018’s latest trends. Will you put these on bravely?

Sideboob Swimwear

Beautiful little clothes have many different colors on their corsets. From baby pink to bright red and classic white, bikini babies have a variety of looks to choose from. Don’t worry about breaking banks, as prices from £18 on popular clothing websites.


Extreme Cut Out Style

Body self-confident baby will swing the extreme cut swimsuit by agent provocation. Their bikini features triangular-shaped notches that leave no imagination.

Micros Bikinis

Will this be the hottest swimsuit trend in 2018? Oh, Polly is the smallest bikini we’ve ever seen. The £30 double-piece swimsuit features a mini-triangulated jacket with double-decked fabric that prevents the suit from being worn. Although the swimsuit is completely covered with the close-fitting area, there is little cover on the back due to the thong style at the bottom.

Slashed Swimwear

Agent provocateurs have released a consumer product with dozens of dizzying slashes. The luxury retailer is selling the suit, which was cut in different parts of the bikini. It will expose skin in areas that enhance your body, and will look straight at your curves.


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