5 Popular Sunglasses This Year

Sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessories for both men and women these days. It’s one of few visible elements showing people’s interest in fashion and style sense. Sunglasses have always played a defining role in the evolution of eyewear.

People can also decide to visit the shop or the showroom where sunglasses are being sold in order to get popular sunglasses which they are looking for.

Everyone can use a pair of sunglasses, but with extended time outdoors walking and commuting, sunglasses can protect the eyes on bright days. Not sure which sunglasses shape is best for you? Get tips here.

Want to buy the most popular sunglasses this summer? We have made a list of the top 5 top sunglasses trends you can wear this year.

  1. Cat Eye Sunglasses
  2. Round Sunglasses
  3. Square Sunglasses
  4. Thick, Oversized Sunglasses
  5. Retro Round Sunglasses

Accessorize with Eyewear

They say that guys don’t make passes at girls wearing glasses. Never has this been farther from the truth. Glasses are incredibly trendy and popular right now. In fact, there are many women who purchase fake eyewear just to finish their outfits in stylish manners. Not only are glasses trendy, but, with all the online resources to scoop up some of the hottest eyeglasses trends, it’s never been easier to build a glasses collection ranging in all price points. Here are the best places to get glasses online.

Should You Shop for Sunglasses Online?

Buying sunglasses is a tricky and emotional process. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, you know that finding a pair of frames that suit your face shape, style, and budget can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even if you’re lucky enough to have several shops in your immediate area, you may try on a dozen pairs in every shop and never find the perfect frames.

Not only do these sites offer you hundreds of options you might not find at your local ophthalmologist’s office, but they also charge far less for each pair. However, many people feel they need to SEE the frames on their faces before committing to buy … and you can’t quite do that through your computer screen.

So, what’s a stylish sunglasses-wearers to do? Take a chance and buy online, or play it safe and search in person?

Pros of buying sunglasses in person

There’s nothing wrong with finding your eyeglasses the old-fashioned way: By trying on pair after pair until you find one that works perfectly with your features. Pros include:

  • At many offices, you can get an eye exam and purchase your frames in a single trip.
  • Being able to see – or photograph – yourself wearing various frames is helpful.
  • Gives you the option to bring along a friend or family member for a second opinion
  • Allows you to ask questions about frame features and get answers right away. From a human.

Cons of buying sunglasses in person

  • You’re limited to the styles in stock at local stores.
  • Markups can be steep.
  • If you use a smaller shop, it can take many weeks for your glasses to be made.
  • It’s time-consuming.

Pros of buying glasses online

Sunglasses websites offer a variety of services, many of which overlap with brick-and-mortar stores. But there are definitely some additional perks. Pros include:

  • Exponentially larger selection
  • Lower prices
  • In many cases, add-ons like anti-glare are cheaper.
  • Since prices are so low, you can often afford multiple pairs, which allows you to switch up your looks from day to day.
  • Most sites make it easy to return pairs you don’t like.

Cons of buying sunglasses online

  • With a handful of exceptions listed below, you can’t see any of the frames on your face before buying.
  • Complex prescriptions and progressive lenses may be lower quality, depending on the vendor.

So should you buy your next pair of sunglasses online? If you have limited access to pairs in person or are on a super tight budget, then yes, you really should. You probably have a rough idea of what will look good on you, and you might find shopping for sunglasses online is fun and effective. If you live in a major metro area with loads of boutique frames shops AND you’ve got a little more money to spend … well, I’d still recommend giving the online option a try. But if it frustrates you, you’ve got a great backup plan.

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