Body lotions are necessary for our skin for good hydration, just as it is important to be hydrated from the inside, it is also important to be hydrated from the outside. Body lotions exist on the market in various forms, many types, packaging designs, with or without a pump. But what are the things you need to pay attention to when buying a body lotion? The body lotion is mostly in liquid forms, like body milk, the body lotion is applied after showering on damp or dry skin, depending on the product you want to use. Practical body lotions are sold with a pump and this is the best way to dose your product. There are also cheap and more expensive body lotions, some like a little more liquid, some a little thicker texture and that’s okay. Not every goat is the same, so I believe that different products will suit you. You can see below the lotions I have chosen for you, the most important thing is that they are functional and that you can use them lightly after showering and enjoy the scent.

Body lotions are the most beautiful thing you can afford for your body, your skin, everything you do for your skin in your youth will give you back in old age. So no matter how young you are, hydrate yourself, keep the PH value of your skin, so that it doesn’t dry out, because only then will you create a problem.

Garnier body lotion, hydrating body lotion intended for body care, has a pump and is very practical, dosing the product just to measure. It is intended for normal skin. You can find it online and order. Garnier has excellent products for body care, facial skin, etc. The scent is beautiful, you will literally enjoy this scent.

Weleda body lotion with almond scent, the packaging is wonderful, I believe the scent is fantastic. You can find it online as well as in places where Weleda is sold. Weleda is a big and beautiful brand, their products are very high quality, so if you decide on this particular lotion you will not regret it, it is great.

Dr.Hauschka is a brand that is very expensive and exclusive, it is very luxurious but for a reason. The body milk they sell is made from the best ingredients, it hydrates well and you will enjoy every moment of lubrication. Fragrant and beautiful, created for every woman. The one I chose for you is with the scent of lemon, is there anything more beautiful than that?

Viva La juicy, the name itself says that it is a juicy, fragrant and refreshing body lotion. The packaging is too sweet, very nice and high quality, the pump is also there, so it is very practical. It is applied after showering, I believe you will enjoy this lotion because it is very Barbie style.

Moschino has a beauty line and the packaging you have to admit is brutally good, it really looks fresh. Body lotions have a light texture, they are easy to spread on the skin, and the skin absorbs them quickly, thus providing hydration, an excellent body lotion. Body lotions generally have similar textures, so if you don’t like that greasy film on your skin, look for one that doesn’t leave those marks. You always have a choice, the range of body lotions is large and everyone can find something for themselves.

Once you discover what interests you and what you like, you will always buy it, body lotions provide the best and most beautiful hydration for the skin. Don’t forget to apply them, all year round, especially on winter days, because then the skin can be dry, and very dry, dehydrated, and we don’t want that. So drink water and apply body lotion, it will help you have constant skin elasticity. With body lotion, the most important thing is to look at its texture, whether it suits you, how it spreads, how quickly the skin absorbs the lotion, whether the lotion is summer or winter, in winter we need hydration more than the cold. So consider everything when buying a body lotion.

Which lotion do you like the most?

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