Elizabeth Arden Series Facial Creams, Make Your Skin Care Wonderful

What kind of skin is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour series suitable for?

Arden’s 8-hour series has been selling well in the face cream series. Which can relieve skin symptoms within 8 hours, so this series is also an emergency series.

Which can quickly relieve skin discomfort symptoms. It is a must for girls who frequently travel and are prone to seasonal allergies.

Arden’s star products include: 8-hour classic moisturizing cream, 8-hour lip balm, 8-hour miracle moisturizing spray and so on.

The 8-hour classic moisturizing cream is the star product in this series. Its main functions are: repairing, moisturizing and soothing. Especially suitable for rough and red skin, and dry or even chapped skin. Since its creation in 1903, it has a very good reputation among beauty editors, beauty masters and models.

Many people have experienced discomfort with long barbs on their hands, dry and cracked heels and bleeding from time to time, and discomfort or even pain when bathed in water. Unexplained reasons, the dry peeling or redness and swelling on the face is the same as just returning from the plateau.

What are the main active ingredients of this classic cream? The petroleum jelly and vitamin E contained in it have anti-inflammatory and hydrating functions, which can relieve the symptoms just mentioned. Even minor burns, scratches and abrasions can be used with this 8-hour classic cream.

How about Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Set? (21-day cream)

It is most suitable for people with dry skin, and also suitable for people with early aging symptoms. For example, after washing my face in the morning, I will be in a particularly dry state for about 4-5 hours. There are signs of dryness and peeling, and sometimes itching. .

This 21-day cream from Arden is more suitable for the above situation, because its main function is to moisturize and anti-aging. The hydrating function is achieved by glycerin and vitamin B5; olive oil, squalane, beeswax and other ingredients can achieve moisture retention and moisturizing, and glycerin can resist aging.

Many girls are curious, what age is suitable for this 21-day cream? Mainly depends on the effect! For example, the function of replenishing water is applicable to any age, and it is especially necessary. As for anti-aging, under normal circumstances, after the age of 25, a girl’s skin begins to go downhill, and treatment is worse than prevention.

The 21-day cream was tested before it was launched, and the dry lines were significantly reduced, and the skin was effectively improved within 14-21 days. It is practical for more than a month, and it is ideal to consolidate the effect.

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