Nowadays, women are crazy about nail art and styling. Nail art has made a huge difference and impact in the beauty industry. Women love this trend and the way it has made its place in the market seems like it is a never-ending trend. These days there are various kinds and styles of nail art and it is a trend that keeps on changing with the season. Let’s explore what’s new in nail art style and trends in this autumn season.

1. Nails Shape:

With a constant change in nail art trends and colors every season, what is more, important is the shape of nails. Yes, nail shapes matter a lot when it comes to manicure, cleanliness, and beautiful hands. Currently, oval shape nails and small nails are trending with a tint of naturalness in every design and color of nail paint.

2. Nude Nails:

Love simplicity and elegance? If yes, this autumn season nail style belongs to you. Yes, nude nails are trending in this autumn season. Wearing nude shades and colors looks elegant and represents the simplicity of a person. Even celebrities are following this trend and wearing nude shades of nail paints.

3. Matte Polish Nails:

Matte nail polish color and style are something that takes everyone’s hearts out. They look simply gorgeous and pretty on nails. Matte color nail paints are back in trend this autumn season with a bang. We are sure that every woman on planet earth would shop for these matte nail paint and wear it more often than any other nail style color.

4. Rhinestones Nail Style:

Stones on nails look too good for parties and celebration occasions. They give a royal and rich look to women’s looks and entire personalities. If you are a party person and love to nail art then rhinestone nail art is the must wear style you should wear. Add a class to your look and be classy chic with your fabulous and versatile rhinestone nail art style.

5. Red Nails:

Yes, red nails, a color of love and romance are trending in nail art style this season. This color suits the best on special occasions and classic, unique, and fitted outfits. Wear a red color with a twist by adding innovative craft like putting glitters, sparkle, or stickers on top of it. Be a glamorous doll with an exotic and dazzling red color nail.

6. Turquoise Nail color:

Turquoise is the most demanding and popular color this autumn whether it is clothing, jeweler, accessories, or even footwear. How can it be left behind in nail art style? Turquoise color is making a huge impact on nail art style. Girls are falling in love with this color and wearing this nail paint too often. It blends and compliments so well with the season as autumn is a season of lovely rainy weather so does a color represents. You can wear this color either a simple coat of color or can wear it with some nail art on it and wear it as the base. It looks good in both ways.

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