What Fashionable Sunglasses You Can Wear In Summer?

One of the most common accessories we all wear, all year long, but especially during summer, is sunglasses. There are so many types of sunglasses and styles, that change every year.

Every year one style/brand of sunglasses trends. For example, some years ago, wearing wayfarers was the stylish thing to do. They are a style that people wore before, are wearing now, and will still be wearing in the future. But there was a year where everyone wore them.

One of the best ways of lightening up an outfit or making it better is just by accessorizing. And, sunglasses, are one of the best accessories you can add to an outfit. Sometimes adding sunglasses can give you a fierce look that you probably didn’t have without them.

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The most fashionable sunglasses you can wear in summer will be the ones that go perfectly with your face shape and are a great match to the outfit you’re wearing. A great example can be round sunglasses, which will look perfect with a white beach dress or top. Because it will give the whole outfit a nice boohoo style.

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You can classify sunglasses by their frame shape, lens type, and also their fit type. And it will be easier to find which one is the best for your face shape. The frame shapes we know are round, square, cat-eye, aviator, shield, rectangle, and panto. When it comes to fit size, there’s oversized, mini, standard fit, and low bridge fit. And, finally, the lens type goes from fade, mirrored, blackout, polarized, and even blue light.

When it comes to the lens type, whatever you choose, it will depend on what kind of style you’re looking for, and when it comes to the fit size, it depends on how big or small your face is and what will look good on it. Some faces don’t look good with oversized ones, while minis are the best for them. Standard fits will fit almost everyone. And finally, the frame shapes you choose will be directly related to your face shape.

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How do you find your face shape? Some sunglasses brands around have quizzes that will help you find your face shape, and if not, your dear friend Google will always come in handy. There are five types of face shapes and they are the following: oval, square, heart, round, and smaller faces.

Oval faces are taller than wide. For this type of face, a frame with straight lines can and will help balance your face as well as they’ll create angles. Square faces have angular features. For this type of face, the round frames will soften your face, while the square ones will enhance it. Heart-shaped faces are defined by a wider forehead and a narrower jaw. Rounded styles and tapered frames will help balance the face. Round faces have an even ratio of width and height, so for these types of faces, frames with straight lines will also help balance your face and will create angles too. And of course, the minis will be the perfect fit for smaller faces.

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Remember to invest in sunglasses that will give real protection to your eyes against UV rays. Cheap ones will probably damage them. But anyway, even though it would be ideal for you to know your face shape to buy sunglasses that will look amazing on you… You still can buy and wear whatever you want. Here are just some tips to help you find the best and most fashionable ones for you to wear in summer.

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