Summer Essential Platform Sandals

Shoes are an integral part of attire and can sometimes be overlooked. They are generally an integral part of our everyday life as they protect our feet from harmful substances and possible injuries and allow us to move comfortably.  Shoes just like any other part of the attire need to choose carefully to make that impactful impression. This is the reason you should carefully pick out shoes that go well with your outfit. Even if you have a simple outfit some good statement shoes can really jazz it up. For a lot of people, shoes signify your personality, style, social status. Shoes hold a lot more value and essence of the attire than we realize. Shoes have a lot of potential in making you stand out in the crowd.

Platform sandals are an amazing choice for this summer. They are very comfortable to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on what outfit you are going for, They are the best for any summer outfit and can be easily paired with outfits in general. They are also very easy to travel around in. You can go on hiking and trips without having your ankles tortured and still looking fabulous. We are going to let you in on some trendy platform sandals you might want to check out this summer.

Basic Colors

Basic colors are a classic choice when it comes to attire. They compliment anything and everything. Basic colors like black, white, nude, brown, etc can go well with every outfit. Have a basic outfit? They match! Have a crazy and out-there outfit? They match! Wearing something classy? They still match!  It’s amazing how you can also elevate your height and looks if you go for chunky platform sandals.


While basics go with everything and neutralize the attire, patterns give your outfits a little bit of spice they might need. You can find all sorts of patterns for all sorts of outfits. For your fierce days, you can go for a cheetah print, and for the days you are feeling your feminine energy shining through you can go for floral print. You can also find them in different prints like snake prints, graffiti, zebra print, holographic, and much more!


Textures can really change the change in attire and how it looks on you. Textures not only give uniqueness to your attire but also can make your outfit really fun. You can play around with so many textures when it comes to shoes too. You can find leather, denim, velvet, plastic, satin, and much more. You can easily pair these and the different ones can go with a lot of different outfits. You will be able to find a lot of different choices and colors. Rock a denim one with a basic outfit and a velvet one in formals.


Platform sandals are an amazing choice to add to your closet! They are comfortable like sneakers and fashionable like heels. You can even find some with imitation accessories, pom poms, tinsels, and much more to add uniqueness to your outfits. You can rock them anywhere with anything. Wear a leopard print in the morning to unlock your boss lady and a glittery one at night and be red carpet ready. You can find so many styles to choose from to go with any kind of outfit.

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