This brand has been around for a long time. The origin of Vans dates back to March 1966, when Paul Van Doren and three partners opened their first store to the public. Paul Van Doren had gained experience in shoemaking during the 1960s and they decided to move into retail. At that time, Van Doren’s store was a unique concept as they manufactured the shoes and sold them directly to the public.

They did not go bad and on the same opening day. Undoubtedly one of the brand’s flagships. The company signed up with the Van Doren Rubber Company, and Van Doren’s sneakers became known simply as Vans.

These new openings were the first major sales increase for Vans while allowing the brand to stay in touch with the public. From this close relationship, the first complaints about the sole of the shoes would emerge since it broke after little use. In the 1970s, a new type of customer was another great boost for the company. The skateboarding craze at the time allowed Vans to show its flexibility in manufacturing and design.

When skaters began to demand new designs and colors. Vans responded by releasing the “The Era” model that was designed by legendary skaters Tony Alva and stacy peralta and featured a two-color design of red and blue. From that moment on, Vans were the shoes of choice for all skaters of a generation and thus was the beginning of the association that the brand has always had with the sport.

And thanks to that, vans have been related to skaters for the last 40 years. Many girls use the skater style without being it because they like the way it looks and you can even see many celebrities wearing them to go out to do their daily things like going to the supermarket or going to buy a coffee or ice cream, the brand has been adopted by many styles and parents who grew up during those times in The 80’s buy miniature vans for their young children to follow the tradition so to speak.

Social networks made this style viral from Instagram to TikTok, the girls have given these sneakers another chance and vans are still in fashion and I think it will be for a while longer, they are too comfortable, the black ones are the favorites but they have many other styles and have even collaborated with more celebrities who are not related to sports but have that style that goes perfectly with the brand. It is not difficult to find inspiration online for how to wear these shoes, because they are everywhere, I think we should all have one like that in our wardrobe.

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