Everybody loves their possession! Who would not, right? We spend our money on things that we need and want, so it is essential to know how to keep and maintain them properly. Losing them because of our mishap is nowhere than a loss of investment and money too. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. This saying is true, indeed. It is better to prevent the worst from happening than spending a dollar again!

Then the question is this. How are your boots? Are you taking care of it the way you should be? Even wealthy people and celebrities know how to take care of their shoes, no matter how vast their collection is. It is safe to say then that we should have that sense of urgency to take good care of our boots as well. Though it may seem simple, this guide will teach you how to take care of your shoes in the right way!

1. Keep the dirt and stains away

No matter how careful you are in wearing your boots, they will get stained at some point! The weather might be the culprit or the splash of water coming from a raging car (well, that is too intense). But the point here is you must learn how to remove and clean the stains and dirt from it. Leaving your boots as it is without cleaning after using it well eventually damage it in the long run.  

2. Keep it away from your pets

We must accept that our pets have already and will continuously break some of our belongings. There are sighting of dogs tearing a pair of slippers or shoes without us noticing it while happening. It will definitely be too late for us to save those things at the grasp of their teeth, so keeping things away from them is your best precautions.

3. Be wary of any damage

A small hole in the sole will eventually go big if we failed to check our boots from time to time. No matter what kind of damage it is, we must never get too complacent, or else we will regret what is to come. It will be too late anymore to save our boots if the damage goes beyond repair already. Remember, buying a new pair of boots is too expensive than getting a professional to repair it!

4. Store them separately

If you’re planning to store the boots that you don’t want to use for an extended period, better place them back in their original shoebox. If you don’t have the shoebox anymore, then grab a clear plastic container so you’ll be able to see what shoes it is and what might happen to it while storing them. The trick is to try to separate them as possible, which will keep them usable for many years to come.

5. Get a shoe rack

We can say that the critical part of keeping your shoes is where you’ll place them. So getting a shoe rack to store your boots is an ideal move. Also, it would be best if you considered the time and how long you will keep them. For boots that you regularly wear, getting a shoe rack with an open front is the right choice. It will not only save your time in getting them if needed, but you’ll keep them organized as well.

6. Be mindful of how you clean it

As stated earlier, we must always keep our boots clean from dust, dirt, and mud. But sometimes, cleaning our shoes in the wrong way will often lead to damage unintentionally. So learning how to clean each type of boots correctly will keep them usable much longer. Please take note, avoid using bleach in cleaning them!

7. Give it some rest

Let us get straight to the point! If you want to keep your boots longer, give them some rest. Try giving your shoes a break and a recovery period to extend their life. We all know that most of the damage and wear of shoes is by repeatedly wearing them. Try switch to another pair of shoes the next day!

This guide is just a reminder of how you can best take care of your boots. It’s a summation of knowledge that is already common but forgotten. Take a glimpse of your boots and see if it needs some break!


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