5 Simple Hairstyles to Avoid Combing You Hair Everyday

In your beauty regimen, the fewer you use combs, the healthier your strands would be. Often avoid having to wear hairstyles that tug on your hair sometimes. You might choose to wear your hair tightly pulled back every once in a while, but you want to stop wearing tightly pulled hairstyles every day. The continuous pulling can cause your hair strands to break or fall out. Here are 5 simple hairstyles that will help you reduce the use of combs to a minimum.

1. Going Natural

Other than saving money on going to the salon weekly, going natural cares for your hair too. All you need for your hair is a shampoo and co-wash, conditioner, leave-in styler, and bobby pins. You may also consider other products depending on your styling and haircare preference. 

2. Weaves/wigs

Let your hair breathe and welcome this new creation. Weaves and wigs, when you take care of your hair, are a nice way to change it. For a seamless addition, you can fit your hairstyle with various styles of natural wigs/weaves.

3. Loose braids

Owing a head of glossy and healthy hair can be one of the luckiest things in the world. just tease your long tresses optionally and braid them into a so-loose braid is gorgeous enough to catch other’s attention as well as caring for your hair.

4. Faux Locs

When you try out the look of dreads and other more lasting styles without commitment, they are a perfect way to take care of your hair.

5. Crotchet braids

This is the ideal hairstyle to give your natural hair some well-deserved rest when you want to. Natural hair is usually braided into cornrows. Then, carefully looped around the cornrows is the option of hair extensions. The final look relies on your natural hair as the base of preference or extensions to move in.

Apart from avoiding the comb most of the time, you should use the right hair growth products. To avoid hair fallouts. Ensure you have the right amount of iron in the body and combine with the right hairstyles that won’t apply too much pressure and strain on the scalp.

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