Long-Distance Running Sneakers, Do You Really Know How to Choose?

Long-distance running sneakers, do you really know how to choose

Long-distance running, as a low-cost sport with a wide range of applications, is loved by many people. However, as the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. A pair of good long-distance running shoes will make you exercise healthier. Some people may think that sports shoes or basketball shoes are fine. The fact is that these shoes are indeed fine for daily running. But in the long run, especially in competitions, these shoes still have a lot of differences. What are the characteristics of that pair of running shoes suitable for racing tests? What is better than ordinary sports shoes?

  • Light in mass. The burden to the body is small, and it is naturally easier (tied sandbags and loaded for running, the same thing), and better efficiency
  • Good grip. Running shoes with good grip allow you to exert full force and be more efficient. Spikes are the most extreme embodiment of the most grip
  • Well wrapped. Wrapping refers to the wrapping that faces the foot obliquely. Generally, the upper elasticity of the shoe is small, which can reduce the shaking of the foot in the shoe and exert sufficient force.
  • Good ventilation. Running is comfortable and not stuffy. It is important to keep your feet dry and reduce blisters to a certain extent. In fact, it is also the embodiment of lightweight material technology.

What are the classifications of racing shoes? In fact, there are only two categories: Racing Flat and thick bottom racing.

Racing Flat shoes contain all the features of the racing shoes mentioned above. Another characteristic of its most typical is: the midsole is slim, which brings excellent ground feedback, and the ground impact is very clear at every step. Running long distances requires high muscle and joint strength.

The extreme of these shoes are track spikes. Spikes are the best choice for professional competitions. They are ultra-lightweight and have no extra design. They are powerful and have perfect grip. But most people may not choose spikes, because spikes can’t be worn at ordinary times, and making a one-time investment seems not worthwhile.

Thick-soled racing shoes also contain all the basic features of racing shoes, but its typical feature is that the midsole is thicker, and carbon plates are generally embedded in the midsole. Such running shoes have unparalleled rebound and can improve efficiency in competitive mid- and long-distance running (in other words, labor saving). The emergence of such products benefited from the technological progress of midsole materials. The source is Nike’s Vaporfly series of running shoes launched in 2017, completely subverting the traditional concept of racing shoes.

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