What Kind of Plants Are Suitable for The Office?

Would you like to bring some life to your workspace? Indoor plants enable you to create fresh and new ideas. Not only do they beautify your office desk, but they also enhance air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity by bringing us closer to nature. However, not all plants are suitable in an office environment. You have to ensure that your new office mate will have moisture, air, and sunlight to keep you company for long. Here are the top five office plants.

1. Peace Lily

In low light conditions, the plant will thrive, making it ideal for the office. The plant which fills space also cleans up the air. Its roots and glossy leaves can tolerate a range of irrigation habits. They wilt when dehydrated, and when hydrated, they perk up easily.

2. Rubber Plant

The plant can grow up to 6 to 10 feet tall in the office in its natural jungle habitat. Its shiny, leathery leaves and upright shape give a striking touch to your desk. Whenever its leaves begin to drop, it is a sign that more water is required.

3. Zamioculcas zamiifolia Plant

Its stems grow in a majestic, wand-like manner beginning dense and bulbous at the bottom and then tapering to a point. It usually grows to 2 to 3 feet tall. It is resistant to drought, and its waxy, smooth leaves capture sunshine and make your office brighter.

4. Aglaonema

Also identified as Chinese Evergreen, this plant is visually pleasing. Well recognized for its variety of colors from dark-green to silver, and others have a red color hint. Highly quick to think about getting them buddies in the workplace.

5. Dracaena Fragrans

Commonly known as maize plants, it is easy to grow and to last. This can grow up to 4 to 6 feet when placed in a jar. It generates vibrant green and yellow leaves that add a lot of smoothness to every corner of the office.

Since they are easy to grow and can thrive in low light, dry, or dusty conditions, the plants, as mentioned above, are ideal for the office. You can easily find them in home improvements or order them online. Choose one that strikes your fancy and be creative by making them part of your workspace decor by putting them in a modern pot.

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