Knock-off Discount Swimwear Sites Pose Challenge to Brands

Discount counterfeiting sites such as zaful and zara, launched by Sarah Brown Cohen on August 27, 2018, are becoming increasingly popular, challenging swimming brands, some of which have vowed to take legal action. While counterfeiting has plagued the garment industry for decades, the immediacy of online shopping and social media has made it easier than ever to counterfeit, sell and sell discounted products. Social media in particular. These sites have become a key tool for counterfeiting websites. They are working on social media and youtube with various influencers to promote discounted swimsuits. All this means they are reaching out to and attracting young female customers-especially when they see that they can buy a super fashion bikini for $8. These websites are also shaping their marketing image into a fashion image. It looks like the original branding campaign (see the example in our slide), and in some cases the exact same picture is used. Although discount sites can closely copy design and tailoring, they fit and fabric quality is inferior to the original version. But the teenage girls we interviewed were willing to sacrifice some quality for a much cheaper, beautiful swimsuit.

A bikini, for example, ranges from $8 to $17 a set. Zaharah swimsuits are more expensive, but some of the trendy swimming brands in the traditional retail market are selling for $150 to $200, but still about half. Swimwear brands note that they are investing a lot of energy and money in making prints, fabrics and tailoring for fake websites, and then copying their products and clothing. Ali Hoffman, owner of .kaohs for a lower price, said: “it’s bad for the swimming industry because people don’t care and don’t realize it’s all fake.” After Zaharah plagiarized their yellow rose bud bikini and sold it at half price, North Korea is now issuing a halt to Australia-based Zaharah. “it’s really annoying,” Ali said. They are in Australia, so it presents a challenge. If it were here, it would be easy. They must have ordered it directly from us and knocked it out. There is no way to make it so perfect. ” Zaharah Swimming not only copied Gao he’s swimsuits, but also used their image and marketing methods. “they gave them free suits so they could post photos on social media,” Ali said. We don’t have enough money to give away so many suits. We make it at home, and the price we make in China is 1/8 of theirs, so they can make it in China. ” Kaohs is not the only brand targeted by fake websites. “Frankie bikini (frankies), Acacia swimsuit (acacia), Cold Fox, because of love, lemon and seaside swimwear brands are almost exactly the same on these sites.” And while websites like zaful can copy our designs, they can’t fake quality. “Frankie bikini, (frankies) bikini (frankies) @ Frankie bikini is known for its perfect fit and top quality swimming fabric and craftsmanship, which can never be replicated.

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