Fashion: confidence in how to wear a swimming suits

It’s time again. Although it’s hard to absorb sunlight in the pool at the end of the summer, few women like it.

There is a lot of pressure on cheap swimming suits and not for shopping. Here are some tips to find one”.

First, maximize your travel time by investing in a classic palette.

Navy POPs is paired with white or coral while a colorful dress will never go out of fashion.

“It’s always really good, with a sheet statement about cheap swimming suits,” said Ambassador David Jones Jesinta Franklin. Although there is no substitute for the locker room and know what is right for you, there are still some enviable shortcuts. If you are a pear shaped (bent at the hips and smaller top), go to the separation, will balance your proportion, or pay attention to stealing the neckline.

High waist belly retro style concealer, or find or create usually defined aggregates at the waist.

Prints, ruffles and decoration can create a curve in the motion graph. Tie edge bikini bottom and a piece with good notch will also do the trick.

“It’s all about fit. “You want to feel supportive and comfortable – for example, I love a good bra,” Jesinta says.

“Don’t be afraid to try different things and see what works for you.”… Take a friend with you.”

Look at 1: the airplane yearns for the high neckline empire’s one-piece $169; the Rebecca Minkoff original crystal Hinge Bracelet is worn at $64.50; the Samantha Wills necklace is worn on the stylist’s own.


Look at 2:Reiss Phoenix bikini top, $110, Rice, Omari, b-frill, the front bottom, $110.


Look at 3: Heidi Klum Azure intimates cocoa one-piece, $179.95.


Look at 4: the airplane’s poetic tie, panting at one side, $69.95, and poetic triangle, $99.95



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