Bikinis tales — from Sharmila Tagore to Taapsee Pannu — and how it survived the ‘sanskaar’ bully

Actor Taapsee Pannu, who got control of the recent wear of bikini, rightly pointed out that women have been showing off in Bollywood for decades. From the 60s fashionable women, these days the young stars, they all have a damn enemy and “exposed” patriarch and hypocritical mindset. Let’s take a look at the bikini trend of sanskaari evolution to see India.

Bollywood Bikinis Nightclub dates back to the 1960s. In bikini, there is a piecemeal cheap good quality bikinis, slowly changing in the fashion world, two pieces become

If the social media existed in the 1960s, we would certainly hear the harsh trolls shouting in the era of ladies lying on swimsuit and cheap good quality bikinis nightclubs. Bollywood, which has always been a public influence over the years has been a lot of bikini people, despite the beach fashion has never really caught the majority of the people of India.

1967, Sharmila Tagore was the first Indian actress to wear bikini in the movie “Paris night.” She also presented a cover photo of Filmfare magazine wearing a sexy suit that would certainly have fallen from the shelf like a hot cake.

Tagore’s bold move seems to encourage others to follow and list the actress advertised Bikinis nightclubs longer and longer. Zeenat Aman’s bikini watch the movie “sacrifice” something that many young people dream of the scene is that she runs on the beach wearing a white cheap good quality bikinis.

Later actress Dimple Kapadia, who played “Bobby”, in the other two pieces of Saagar and Jaanbaaz repeated her bikini photo.

Parveen Babi was a beautiful man in a shooting scene in 1982, in “Yeh Nazdeekiyan”, where she played on the beach bikini.

In the 1990s, the number of families on television was rising sharply in the era of satellite channels that broadcast Indian homes to the world through cable television. It is this time that my country has made two beauty queen in the world, Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Ray. Sushmita known as Miss World Champion, Aishwarya won the title of Miss World. Of the beauty features wearing cheap good quality bikinis, for the country to win the honor of the model, to change the cultural mentality of many India.

Slowly, short skirts became part of the Bikinis nightclub most Bollywood movies.

The times changed, and the people’s minds changed. Many times, parents do not take their children to see the movie featuring the heroine’s Bikinis nightclub. But in the twenty-first century of India, everything is normal. In fact, the debate now has begun to turn, no longer Bollywood film industry to cultivate a positive attitude, but they are materialized women through the skin show popular performance, like “project number”.

But in this digital age, no one can stop seeing what they see, it seems hypocritical so-called “sanskaari uncle picks women to stick to their labels, Indian culture.

Taapsee Pannu, a pink star who recently photographed the person who called the cultural bogey when she posted a bikini photo in a watermark.

In an interview with, the fashionable taapsee strikes the trolls tingling when she says she is actually happy to face a “backslash”. “I’m glad to get a bounce, and I used to think that everyone understands why I have not got it yet.” So, finally I got it, “she said, her nose over them.

Recently Bollywood and Hollywood star Puja Kachopula wear clothes at home and found her legs when she met Prime Minister Narend de la Modi in Berlin.

Dangal star Fatima Sana Shaikh humiliated dressing on the beach with a black cheap good quality bikinis and cold. Some users on the social media said she was wearing an improper “fasting period.

Actress Disha Patani “Dhoni Unknown Story” is the control of the ‘exposed’ black long dress at the Filmfare Award. Instagram users humiliate her to reveal too much “do not respect Indian culture”.

cheap-good-quality-bikinisWhen she replied, “It ‘s easier to judge that a woman is based on their cover of their skin, but when you can not stop staring at the inappropriate places you ask her to cover up, it’ s hard for you to accept their cheap mind.

She said, “Wake up and start accepting the idea that we will not be any” Indian girl “.

Dipika Pardon Canny has also been controlling the list of actresses for their team, after which she released a photo of her photo as a fashion magazine’s cover girl. User comments call them “vulgar”, “cheap” and “disgusting”. Someone suggested that she wear traditional Indian clothing, do not expose her skin to “short clothes” to insult Indian culture. Deepika is cool to release more pictures in short clothes.

Alone to leave the movie star, the body to them even did not let the Indian cricket captain Mithali Raj. She was recently pushed to one of her clothes.

Social media gives the public the opportunity to hide their profiles (in many cases, fake) and throw out hatred. But these celebrities have been striding forward to show the public that their ideas are not important, they stand up, so the Indian women have the right to wear the clothes they want to wear.

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