Lauren Goodger has no imagination in wearing a FRONTLESS swimsuit

The former TOWIE star has recently become a victim of some poor cosmetic surgery because the filler left her with a very different squat line.

Although initially denied that she had done any work, the clumsy baby was later forced to admit that the nightmare bad treatment made her “craving her old face” and then quickly rushed to the Harry Street Clinic and removed it.

Fortunately, it seems that Lauren Goodger has managed to eliminate the entire embarrassing event and return to her best, happy self.

And it seems that the 32-year-old girl has decided to upgrade her selfie game to a grade.
This week, in her official Instagram account, ITV2 stars apparently feel like they are wearing incredibly full performance on some serious swimming suits for ladies.

Lauren ensures that all eyes are focused on her very rich assets, so there is almost no white single piece, because its endless drooping neckline is almost boundless.

Once a gorgeous queen, it seems that Lauren does not intend to use the naughty numbers for their intended use, because her face is flawless.

Applying a lot of bronze on her cheeks and a nude lip gloss, this sexy shrew throws a signature grin on the camera.
She added a title to this cheeky video: “Thank you for your team today! Can’t wait for all of you to see this #最好#poot#ever#done.”

For Lauren’s 786k Instagram, it didn’t take long to play after the editorial part of the clip and began to leave some serious love.

One user wrote: “It’s like fire again as usual. All you need now is the crown and the king.”

The second claim: “I hope you are as good as the baby.”
The third admirer added: “You look great Lauren.”

The last follower teased: “Wow, it’s a good time, you laughed, this is the first time!”

Like our Lauren, we believe we can expect more from it!

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