The bikinis barista in Seattle has jurisdiction over swimwear

A bathing suit worn with coffee drinks is protected by the constitution of the United States, or a group of barista in Everett, washington. Everett, about 30 miles north of Seattle, recently passed a ban on catering workers, working on the Bikinis nightclub regulations. Now, seven barista are showing them some skin, “the Seattle times reported.

The Everett City Council passed a decree in an attempt to stem the spread of sex crimes in cheap good quality bikinis coffee makers. 2009, undercover police stabbed prostitution gangs, used up coffee stations, said, not so subtle, grasping. At that time, officials Everett, which sounded like a crazy city, consider updating the city’s lewd act to cover coffee stations, but they do not intend to ban Bikinis nightclub. With the passage of the new law this summer.


The Ordinance, it might be enough to make formal city officials blush, explicitly prohibit “genital exposure or anal, showed that half of the bottom of the anal fissure, or any part of the female breast or nipple areola; or exposure to more than half of women in the bottom part of the breast areola, but the coverage will be made of opaque material and the coverage rate should be close to the areola.” They walk in clarifying that body painting is not opaque material.”

It’s not clear who decides what half of the bottom of the anus is or how to judge it. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed Monday in the US court in western Washington, arguing that the new regulations clearly violated the first amendment.

“This is not cheap good quality bikinis,” says Schuyler Lifschultz, a lawyer representing the barista, who told the times. “This is about women’s rights and the constitution of the United states. Everett violated the rights of these women in full.”

In addition to claiming the first amendment to the constitution, the lawsuit also invoked the Fourteenth Amendment, which requires all American citizens to be treated equally before the law. “City regulations require all women, not men, Everett to pay more than their breast 3/4 in the public area,” reads the initial court documents excerpt. “Some of the city regulations apply only to women, and the specified restrictions apply only to women’s breasts, and women are a protected class.”

The federal judge declared that the city statute was unconstitutional.

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