After 2 years of alcohol testing, cheap good quality bikinis granny said she was still wearing a swimsuit


Few grandmothers have fallen into such a situation when they put considerable glasses on, and she was forced to put roadside alcohol tests only in cheap good quality bikinis.

Since the 2015 incident, the video has been a sensational network, and her grandson sat in the back seat.

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From the first time arrested, Patricia Ebel open to the world is always recognized as “bikini grandma.”

It all started after she hit BMW on a Naples Fla. mustang.

One afternoon in the afternoon, she drove home with her grandson. She said she had drunk two glasses of wine within five hours.

The police carried out a series of tests, including lifting her leg six inches off the ground, which she seemed to struggle with.

“I can’t be on a normal day,” Eber told the interior version. “I always wear high heels.”

In the video, she was also found playing with her hair, which made many people believe she was flirting with the police.

But she said, “no,” she said, “just my hair.” The sky is wet.”

As for bikinis, erbel still have it, despite receiving tight swimsuit several strange.

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“I once offered to buy cheap good quality bikinis,” she said. “I made a proposal from Malaysia. This is crazy.”

She confessed that she was still driving around in bikinis, but now she was wearing a mask”.

Eber said she plans to auction proceeds to be charity cheap good quality bikinis for veterans.

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