2022 Nails Trend: 7 Stylish Fake Nails that are Easy and Fun to Use

Getting your nails done has been a popular beauty service for decades. It is always a fun way to bring color and life to your nails and your entire look. However, it can get very expensive especially if you get special services like gel nails, acrylics, and nail decals. As much as you would love to have your nails done every time, it’s just not very budget-friendly. Getting your nails done at the salon can cost anywhere between $50 up to $300 on average excluding tips.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a backup during times when it’s just not possible to get your nails done. Whether you want to save time or just want to cut back on your monthly expenses, these 7 stylish fake nails will make it easy for you to have beautiful and feminine hands:

1. Blooming Purple with Double French

Make your nails pop with a subtle purple nail bed, and candy purple and blue French tips.

This press-on looks like bubblegum and will ensure a fun and bubbly look.


2. Sparkly Pink

This Voguish Fantasy Nails from KISS is one of the high-quality fake nails you can get. It has a pink marble design, plain old rose pink nails, and sparkly middle fingernails.

You can accessorize this with gold or rose gold jewelry. It’s a set of sassy-looking nail designs that are wearable for parties and summer getaways.

KISS Voguish Fantasy Nails

3. Cloudy Pastels

Feel the sense of peace and positivity, with the array of pastel sunshine and beauty that’ll come your way with these cloudy pastel nails. This set features a muted gradient of blue, violet, and pink with cloud designs.

Along with this, you can accessorize your wrist with colorful bracelets or watch such as Apple’s watch series 7 in pink, and braided bracelets. You can also add a set of rings with a bird theme.


4. Black and White Doodles

This set of black and white doodles is very reminiscent of the little doodles one would draw as a kid. It has a very youthful yet edgy vibe to it with its dark theme.

You can accessorize your hands with a set of dark tinted rings, or wear a black Samsung watch for a street-style look.

Dynamic Doodles

5. Gorgeous Gradience

This gorgeous set has white and gradient and classy silver sparkles. The box contains 24 nails, 1 nail glue, and 1 nail file.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet cute fake nail set, Clutch Nails has the best sets for every occasion. For less than $10, you’ll get a reusable set that looks like your actual nails.


6. Mysteriously Checkered

Do you want a more mature-looking set of nails? Check out these extravagantly mature designs for those who want to have a classy and sexy aura.

This features a checkered theme with mid-length and square tips.

You can accessorize your fingers with big gemstone rings, or silver rings to complement your nails.

Flower Checkerboard

7. Geometric Beauty

Some say the simpler, the better; and it couldn’t get truer than this. For everyday use, this geometric nail set is the best! It has a modern and minimalist design that will draw attention not just to your nails but to your whole look.

You can accessorize with matching simple accessories such as a rose gold bangle, or a single thin ring.


These gorgeous fake nails vary in shape, length, design, tip, and cost. However, one thing they all have in common is that they will beautify your hands at a cheaper price compared to getting your nails done every few weeks. They’re also reusable so you won’t have to keep buying them as well. You can buy jelly gum or nail glue in bulk to save money as well.

Most of these fake nails have a feminine style. There are definitely crazier and more ostentatious designs that you can buy online. You can even design your own, and simply purchase plain white or clear fake nails as a base.

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