Liz Hurley, 53, defies her age in a series of bikini shots on Instagram

Liz Hurley has been offering some bikini-style Maldivian holiday clips to her followers – people love it a lot.

The 53-year-old woman has been shaking a number of sexy swimwear during her island vacation and is not shy when sharing photos and videos.

Showing her outfits in a variety of ways, it’s easy to see why fans are crazy.
In one episode, when she sang the classical song “Besame Mucho”, her mother seduced lie on the deck of her tropical resort.

Although she was only imitating, we were sure that no one really noticed her blue bikini.

She also shared another dance clip, and she performed a jokey striptease for the camera.

On her, she smiled and danced the “She has got it” tune, she put on a white kimono to reveal the floral bikini below.
The “Austin Powers” star is full of creativity in another video, wearing a black one-piece island exotic.

During the Halloween shooting, Shane Warne’s predecessor turned himself into a ninja wearing a swimming suits for ladies

When the ‘Bedazzled’ actress stumbled over some serious karate falls, something went wrong.

“Only you can be stupid and sexy at the same time,” wrote a pink.

“Thank you for bringing a huge smile,” said another.
Others have joined this fun, teasing Hollywood stars because “too much sugar.”

“You are a madman, that’s why I love you,” a super fan declared.

In the past week, Liz has lived on the luxurious Milaidhoo Island, and even the cheapest room will get you back to around £942 per night.
During her stay, the swimwear designer incited some of her own designs and demonstrated the versatility of the bikini.

In the past, she was seen walking and doing yoga in it. She even wore a bikini hula hoop. It’s a woman.

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