Victoria’s secret model Candice Swanepoel shoots a white bikini for a swimsuit

Candice Swanepoel is showing off some serious skin, she and her fans share from the latest collection of her own swimming suits for ladies collection. Victoria’s secret model allowed fans to see another piece of her collection on the November 15th Instagram account, indicating that she swayed two white pieces while sunning outdoors.

The latest bikini photos shared by Swanepoel on social media show that she is wearing high-waist pants, almost reaching the height of the waist, and a top with a string.
Candice then decorated the appearance of her light bikini with two wooden bracelets on one hand, while she rubbed her head with her hand and leaned against the wall, giving the lens a sultry look.
The signature blonde she left behind left to take photos, then shed her waist, and the two mothers arched her to show her best posture.

In the title, Swanepoel confirmed that the work came from her swimsuit series Tropic of C. She told her that 12.7 million fans used a sun emoji “rise and shine”, then marked the bank’s official Instagram account and revealed its Location shot in Amangiri, Utah.
In the past few days, Candice has been sharing different bikinis with her swimwear collection on her social media account.

As Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Swanepoel, who gave birth to her second child with her fiance Hermann Nicoli five months ago, recently swayed a very very much in the photos posted for her millions of fans. A unique satin bikini.
Prior to this, Inquisitr shared a photo of Candice modeling another high-waist appearance during his shooting in Utah.

“I know there are different bodies, but if the fabric is of good quality and has good stretchability, it can be shaped into many different shapes,” she explains. “Even if you don’t see a lot of padded or cup structures – that’s why I’m so crazy about fabrics – [top] still makes you happy.”

The Daily Mail reported that Candice returned to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on the 2018 show, and soon released a photo of the bikini, shaking a lot of differences in the next few months after becoming a mom. Underwear. The photos released earlier this week, the two mothers announced on her Instagram page that the new Resort 2019 swimwear collection is now available, and she shows her amazing figure in this two-piece suit.

Swanepoel recently began to understand her inspiration for creating her own swimwear collection in an interview with Fashionista. She explained that she designed a bikini and swimsuit collection for women of all shapes and sizes.


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