What Kind of Scarf is All-Match in Winter

One of the most important functions of the scarf in matching, in addition to keeping out the cold, is to play the role of core accessories to change the overall style of clothing. The scarf can make the plain basic models instantly have vitality and a sense of jumping.

Colors with high saturation can “light up” the overall shape with low saturation, just like cherries on a white cake. Scarves of different materials can also make the same type of clothes have different styles. Now let me introduce some classic scarves worth buying.

Grey scarf

If I can only buy a scarf, then I will definitely choose a gray scarf.

Everyone often wears black in winter. A black dress can give people a dull feeling, while a gray scarf can make the overall look less serious and have a “breathable” feeling. If you use a white scarf at this time, the contrast is strong, it will be a little dazzling. Of course, it is not to say that a white scarf is wrong with black clothes, but gray will make the overall look milder.

Dark gray is also the color that everyone often wears in autumn and winter. The combination of dark gray clothes and light gray scarf will have a sense of hierarchy, making the shape rich and delicate, and it looks very clean. A smoky ash may not be the color combination we wear every day, but a smoky gray has a very high sense of quality. The matching of the same color but different texture is very interesting and will have a unique feeling.

Red scarf

If you talk about “lighting up” all black, white and gray in winter, red may have to be the first place, and it is also a good choice to “jump out” when you are all black and gray. The red scarf and the red envelope, or the red scarf and the red shoes, echo each other and double the lighting effect. But pay attention, novices must not exceed 2 echoes, it is easy to “overdo it”. It should be noted here that not everyone is suitable for red. Moreover, red is also divided into warm and cold colors, with a warm red color that is slightly rose red and a warm red color that is orange red.

Plaid scarf

If you feel that it takes some courage to use a large red scarf, it is too garish, but the gray scarf is too dim, then the plaid scarf is a good compromise.

The same black match, and the floral scarf on the right adds femininity and sophistication, but it also has the effect of making people look more mature. On the basis of keeping the casualness of the gray scarf, the plaid scarf adds a sense of jumping, and is not as jumping as the flower scarf on the right.

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