Your 2018 cheap swimming suits Guide: the Bear Care style is still here.

Just when you think the ice age will never end, the brilliant yellow fireball has come back. You’ve got your forearms and mowers sunburn. The first contact is the distance from the snore. Summer won’t sneak this time for you; you turn over your wardrobe, find last year’s cheap swimming suits, pray it’s also suitable so you can start to set up your altar and turn your deck into a frying pan. And… It doesn’t have.

In terms of uncomfortable retail experience, cheap swimming suits shopping is next to bra shopping. If you buy it in a physical store, it’s a painful long process. The fluorescent lamp in the dressing room is ruthless. If you are shopping online, it’s almost the same as buying clothes and shopping.

I can’t tell you if the swimsuit will be suitable for Amazon from an unknown Chinese retailer, but I’ve done some browsing this season (I mean, uh, research), I’ve planned a few style trends that I advise (euphemism), and some of you might want to try yourself.

Let’s start with “bad” and “ugly”, and then you will think, “please tell me, besides those damn polyester chips, what alternatives do I have?”

“Take care of the bear” style

The “love bear” style is not still deleted in the belly.

The only way to the poor design is to add frills. Who wants not to worry about absorbing all the time? So you don’t want dogs? Do anyone worry about the strange brown lines? Because I really want to see that when I walk out of the shower, it is a good diamond front and center to highlight how to paste my other torso. Then, maybe this is not a problem, because we are all in those days, SPF 70 anyway.

Bikini without shoulder straps

Really? Is this rope tied? Is it in front of it? I hope that whoever buys this, there will be a girl standing at any time to cover her with a huge umbrella.

I mean, if you are thin, you don’t plan to swim in it. Yes. Once. Why do you want all self consciousness and the consequent slippage of a shoulder shirt in a scene, almost inevitable adjustment?

In spite of this, the designer still swimming suits

Tie Suit

No, it’s just, no.

It’s my “most outspoken tie bathing suit.” It’s all kind of terrible. Even with the eternal 21 standard, this is not good. Can you choose a worse color? 10 dollars said it was wet and couldn’t see it.

Push down the top of the cover bikini

Looking for another way to expose the risk of indecency on the beach? May you plan to support the seaside show? You can prepare for the next Victoria’s Secret fashion show as long as you add a super big bow at the back.

The design itself is not new, but for 98% of the women, this is still a bad idea.

Two pieces of retro

“Retro” design is especially popular with the size of the support above, thin waist between the bottom of high coverage. You can pick out all kinds of Amazon’s old swimming dealers.

I really understand why it’s popular, but despite the steel ring (obviously a modern upgrade), all this polkadots pleat and mariner inspired design makes you look like you want to live in a different era. For this reason, this is the one I don’t like most this year.

There is no shortage of high waist pants and modern feeling, and swimming style are given more generous support. Swimsuits now provide much more than those in 40 or 50s, so don’t think you have to sacrifice modern style to cover, lose weight and support.

Now, through the awkward journey of “nothing to wear: swimwear edition”, this is a good trend. Or at least it’s better.

Shoulder straps, flattery

We see less style and zigzag strings attached to the upper abdomen, otherwise what is bikini (because who does not want all the inconveniences to cover without a single piece? Once again, if your top falls off in the water, at least it will not drift too far.

Fortunately, this year’s tie patterns tend to be more closely integrated to avoid pooching or bring up the more pleasant swimsuit area, such as in the company.

A swimming top that looks like a common coat

Now we are all familiar with swimdresses. They are high coverage rate compared to other swimsuits and super women. The long ones basically look like mini skirts, which is the aesthetics that makes them work. The widening trend, a distant bystander swimsuit fool, believes that you are wearing ordinary clothes, this new, smart imitating style that fits all kinds of life in a day’s work.

Peplum skirt

These added female style not too sissy. They may be tricky when you leave the water for the first time, but do they pay cute and wise to cover a small price? I think so.

The style of “gone with the wind” is to forgive those who don’t break loose boards. Pairing and controlling the bottom of the swimming pool, you have the perfect postpartum swimsuit.

Of course, you have to guess, eventually someone will swim jumpsuit. It’s great in theory, but failed in execution.

“Casual clothes”

Though I have been criticizing thin tight pants like paper, in the past, it seems that a trend now is to make swimsuits look like casual wear. I feel very good, because honestly, no one of us is making a show in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We were wandering in the pool on the beach. Let’s hang around. The design of a coat or a piece of clothing that can be used as a “real” (as a real) tights is of great significance. You don’t have to hide or worry about the shirt or skirt of your suit that looks bumpy and weird (for this I despise the frills and the floral hair belt), and you can get up and run to the convenience store to pick up a blue collar worker, and no one will accuse you of being arrogant or outdated.

You can also find out, looks very much like the bike shorts, which is a solution to a great sense of thigh.

“Loose style” is now a unique swimsuit. Unlike the A word skirt, the top and bottom elasticity of flowy stays at the top and keeps the top sliding into the water.

You can also look for a bikini coat, which looks a bit like a sports vest. It is a lovely and practical water or beach activity, such as volleyball or paddle boarding.

Last year, I commended the rise of high coverage cheap swimming suits, but made swimsuit look like ordinary clothing, which is the most brilliant design innovation yet.

In the swimsuit season women are anxious and depressed because the swimsuit has been fundamentally different from the day-to-day dress: it is tight, unsupported, highly revealed, and generally unpleasing to the big body outside the high-end collection.

Closing the gap between normal clothing and swimsuit may help alleviate some of the pain of swimsuits. Although many women lose a few pounds to prepare for summer’s Spring Festival, they are not all converted to Jillian Michaels’s lifestyle. They need some options to make their bodies (or at least not seriously unflatter) without physical hope.

Of course, this will bring trade-offs. Loose fluttering blouses and bikini or swimdresses are often attached to a spade way when you leave the water for the first time, and they are not suitable for all water activities. But most of us, Wade and lounge, are willing to accept compromise.

Now you have an idea of it, you can confidently venture into swimsuit jungle. Be bold! But not so bold, you buy a strapless bikinis – let us not forget, here. Maybe it’s just a bold way to put on your usual clothes.

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