This King Street swimsuit store will tell you if you want to steal.

In the whole lowlands, swimsuits are trying to break the discount of giving five fingers, and take a unique way: Instagram exposure.

At least a year, Las Olas has been posted or filmed in its store surveillance camera to Instagram, trying to identify suspicious pickpockets.

Recent photos, irregular articles appearing in store Instagram accounts are permanently displayed in account photos. Instead, they appear in the brief story of the application, which was first made up last year for a competitor, Snapchat, to allow users to upload photos and disappear after 24 hours.

In a series of stories last month, the store uploaded a picture of a blonde with a “reward”, “recognition of the thief” and “anonymous DM”.

After asking whether his followers had recognized the woman with the help of a poll, the store published a Google photo of a woman who claimed that they were the same as those in a closed-circuit television in the store.

“Closing the case,” the store wrote the story of the suspected thief and finally Instagram. You think a lawyer is better than stealing. ”

The swimwear shop has a location on King Street, too enjoyable, and on the base of the island.

Store owner D James did not respond to our request for comment, but Meredith DeBar, who has been in the store since 2014, according to her LinkedIn personal data, is currently managing different locations, and.

In a CP phone interview, DeBar said that people who call people in social media are the practice of store owners, since she has been used.

“He made a lot of posts,” she said. As long as I work here, it has always been one thing.

DeBar did not say if there are any solutions to any problems.

Trey Jameson, a intellectual property lawyer at Jameson Law, said the right to use his camera lens in the store was possible, especially if it was right to suspect theft.

“What is the exception of the value of the news or the public interest, the owner can use images to assume the image of responsibility and the pattern of misappropriation,” Jameson said in a telephone interview, “if CP. is there, the use of the image may be something of a news value exception.”

If their suspicion is wrong, the store may find themselves in the middle of libel action. But according to Jameson’s statement, the store has more problems with Google’s photos.

“If they go online, or even Facebook, using other people’s pictures may be a violation of copyright,” Jameson said. There is a reasonable use of defense, but at the end of the day, you usually can’t take photos or images of others without their permission.

Jameson said, “store owners should make sure that the negatives are greater than the benefits.” Public humiliation may not be the best way to prevent shoplifting.

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