This label is changing the way women buy swimwear.

The time has come – this is the swimwear season. Although this means that the happy beach day is already on us, it also means that diving first enters the often horrible shopping process.

Whether you like its bikini or a chic maillot, finding the style that makes you feel confident and comfortable on the beach is key, but the bad lighting and the soft fitting room are not exactly the same. This is where Andy comes in.

American brands that have just entered Australia are not selling in stores, but are using online methods that are directly consumer-oriented. I know what you are thinking: how to guess your ideal state through a computer screen to make swimwear easier to shop? Ok, it doesn’t, but that’s why Andie actually encourages its customers to buy a few different styles, sizes and colors, try it at home, and then return what they don’t want, not guilty.
Thanks to the label’s unlimited free return policy, no matter how many times you change your mind, you won’t be paying for it. But finding the style you like may not take too long. The brand was launched 18 months ago and included a series of streamlined pieces that sold out three times, sparking the attention of actress Demi Moore, who decided to invest in swimwear startups.

“I was attracted by Andy’s approach, which puts women at the forefront. For so many women, buying swimsuits can put stress and time on men, but Andie’s family try on them to find the perfect swimsuit. The experience is very simple, relaxing and comfortable,” Moore said.
This boost helps to expand the range, including bikinis and new colors, all designed for women who will wear them. Andie founder and CEO Melanie Travis personally emails everyone who buys swimsuits, asks them for feedback, and considers each response when designing new styles and updating existing shapes.

Our choice? Black rib Tulum swimsuit – it will never be outdated – and summer terracotta Wynwood one-shoulder bikini.

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