What Style of Necklace Is The Best for Women?

Necklaces enhance the way one carries oneself and add to the flare of the overall look. To find the perfect accessory to one’s outfit is of maximum significance and the way to do that is to pick the ones that suit your look, complexion, and style the best. But wouldn’t it help if you had an expert opinion on which necklace would look the best on you? So, here is a compilation of some of the best styles of necklaces that would look the best on you. Browse away and make your best pick from the lot!

1. Personalised Initial Birthstone Necklace

A classic and elegant piece of jewelry meant to only enhance the charm of your look, this piece brings out the sheer elegance in you. This is a beautiful silver plated chain with a disc that is engraved with the Swarovski birthstone. Inscribe your favorite initials or gift your loved ones with theirs and make a wide smile appear on their faces. This is pretty affordable and makes for a beautiful personalized gift. The chain for adults extends up to 45 cm and for children, it extends up to 36 cm.

2. Daisy London – Large Shell Necklace

The brand, Daisy London, curates jewelry that is meaningful yet wearable every day. The lovely piece of jewelry is crafted with sterling silver and gold-plated with an 18 ct layer. The design is an inspiration from the wildflowers. The necklace will make you look effortlessly cool and flawless. It amalgamates style with sentiment and this adds a layer of subtlety to the whole look. Don this amazing piece of necklace and look beautiful as ever. This can go with literally any outfit and will only add to the flare of the look. It is affordable and easy to carry.

3. Family Birthstone Ring Personalised Slider Necklace

This marvelous Family Birthstone Ring is one masterpiece. It is curated with love and will make for a lovely gift if you decide to give one. It comes with a versatile slider chain available either in silver or in gold. You will have space to choose up to 6 birthstone rings to add to your necklace as you please. The packaging is luxurious and is sure to woo you to buy more of these. The necklace is such that it will go with any outfit and will enhance the look multiple times.


Exclusively from their Versa Collection, this necklace is one of a kind. A signature piece with an evergreen design loaded with diamonds. The glow of the gold is remarkable with its 9 ct finish and it also comes with a certificate. The design is a brilliant round cut to suit all your looks and add to its versatility of it. There are precisely 25 diamonds on it and adds to its radiance even more. This iconic piece will go with any and all outfits without any second thoughts.

5. Triple Eternal Ring Pendant Personalised Necklace

When one is not enough, get three! And that is exactly what this piece of beauty is all about. You get to personalize the rings according to your wish. You can add a name, date, or a quote of your choice. It comes in three variants: silver, rose gold, or gold metal and you get to be the judge of which one you want or if you wish to have in all three. This makes for a lovely self-pampering gift or could be a loved gift for a special occasion for your loved ones. The classic colors are also suited for any outfit you want to pair this up with and will make you look amazing!

Have a look for yourself and see what works out best for you. Browse away and pick which style of necklace suits you the best. Necklaces can definitely add to your look so make your pick wisely.

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