Gold Coast Fashion Spotlight: Moana swimwear

Only 27 years old, Karina Irby has reached some success only dream. She has accumulated a huge chasing force from her swimsuit label Moana bikini and continues to expand her product (including a sister business – bikini body burning). Her vivid printing and cheeky swimwear trousers have become the brand’s staple food, so girls around the world are showing off and loving her design.

Based on GC means Moana swimwear is the perfect theme for our Gold Coast fashion spotlight series! I chat with Karina to learn about her success, as an entrepreneur’s life and her favorite GC point (of course!):

Choose to design swimwear always locked in you? Have you ever considered designing any other type of clothing?

Oh my gods, design swimwear … even design other products or clothing … never really locked in my plan … it’s just one that happened! First of all, I just like bikini. I have been living on the beach, traveling, want to go. Bikini is my favorite dress.

I got a $ 800 loan from my dad, entered the swimwear industry, and purchased 20 pairs of bikini wholesale business from overseas. The agreement did not last for a long time, because I wanted to create my own design and leave my own mark in the swimsuit world. Now seven years, I think this is not a one-time thing! Dad just let me pay him three months ago.

While it was a combination of strange and random events that led me to start Moana, looking back seemed to be wanted.

There are so many swimsuit labels appear, how do you ensure that Moana swimwear in the industry to maintain a leading position?

God, now a lot of people, is not it? To be honest, we do not think 90% of the emerging business brand is a competitor.

Although we appreciate that they are going down, follow the dream, but most people are doing the same thing. These days are easy to find manufacturers, or buy bulk products online and sell them according to the new brand you create.

Plain, neutral tones and simple, reckless cuts are all angry, is the sale of most new brands. This is because it is easy, without too much challenge or associated with the risk. Honestly, there is not a lot of talent.

Unfortunately, many of these new brands are not aware of this and have not yet studied – they are selling almost exactly the same product, just under different labels. In many cases, the wholesalers or manufacturers they are buying are deceptively copying prints and patterns from other well-known brands (including our own brand).

All along, Moana will always design our designs and patterns from scratch. We have a very hard working and specialized design team, and an independent respected manufacturer and material supplier. This ensures that our design is unique to Moana, and our customers can use this knowledge to proudly wear them.

This is just a physical product element! We continually review and improve our marketing activities to stay ahead and effectively connect with our beloved Moana Babes in the best possible way. We have been testing new marketing channels and improving the value we see; from social media editing and advertising to e-mail marketing, repositioning, printing and digital editorials and so on … all of which are up to us constantly, Continued development of high quality images and video content. We do not rest until it works and works well.

How did you come up with such a different design? Where did your inspiration come from?

We are constantly being inspired, and every day is considered part of the design process. In 2018, we have some very exciting developments that we can not mention now, but we just say they are more focused on the design process and make sure the design team is focused on new prints and patterns to day for the cycle.

There is no idea too stupid or not, we make sure that the continuous improvement and refinement of the cycle is in place. Once a range is complete, the next job is in progress – sometimes two or three ranges are usually patched. It’s an exciting and inspiring process that we can not get enough!

Obviously, as a swimsuit label, we are inspired by the ocean and the beautiful coastal environment and everything they carry. But with the development of our design style and maturity, we began to find inspiration in different areas; abstract geometric design, flora and fauna, color and light … inspiration is really ubiquitous! We can not wait to show us what our Moana Babes 2018 will bring

How would you describe Monaco swimwear girls?

Moana bikini is not just a swimsuit brand. We represent a carefree, fun and active lifestyle. Moana Babes feels comfortable, confident and carefree. They smile, smile, live, energetic, support and empowerment. Moana Babes is really a global Moana army; they do not follow the trend, they create them, and the world does not care about other people’s ideas.

Bikini, sea and swimwear body burns are now part of Monaco. Did you see yourself expanding to the current product line? If so, what does Moana bikini think of the next step?

2018 will bring exciting development to our Moana Babes. 2018 new product line is no longer increased, but the current product line will have some great development – we must now keep these secrets.

In the current product, we continue to improve and improve, we know that our Moana Babes will like the new Sea Blanket design, of course, bikini. In addition to Monaco Bikini’s sister business, bikini body burns continue from strength to strength to help girls become their best version. BBB will launch a new nutrition guide, as well as some interesting and exciting physical products to keep girls motivated and inspiring in the fitness journey.

What is your current favorite job?

Oh, my dear, it’s hard to decide! It’s like asking one of their favorite kids! I think I have to say that this is our entangled Taishan sets. It has a stunning, vivid print and unique cut / pattern with some cute, unique add elements. It looks amazing everyone!

What are some of the initial challenges you created yourself? How did you overcome it?

All along, I believe there will always be such a challenge, without them, it’s all too easy to get success is not worth it!

In the past 12 to 24 months, one of the biggest challenges we face is to be able to keep up with the demand, which is obviously not a bad thing! However, in order to meet the growing demand and customer base, the struggle to promote our manufacturing capability is part of our manufacturer and time. I think now, at least 2017/2018 range, in addition, we will not have too many customers to miss. This is a constant research, monitoring and planning mission at the end of our overcoming, it becomes more challenging every year … but as I said it is a big challenge!

Also in the past 12 to 24 months, we saw a sharp rise in the prices of Chinese products purchased by our factories, copied and sold as “Moana”, and another brand that tried to replicate our products. Obviously, imitation is flattery, but the real negative part is when girls mistakenly buy what they think is Moana and then receive a very poor quality copy. We are actively looking for these factories, send stop and stop letters, and continue to remind our customers that the only place they can buy real Moana swimwear is through our website. Unfortunately, for us, as well as other brands of such things, in addition to your complex and expensive cross-border legal procedures, you can not do a lot of things. We are only in order to stay ahead of the way and continue to provide them with difficult to copy prints and designs and make sure our customers know they can only buy Moana from Moana.

Do you want to give yourself a Gold Coast business?

This is what I asked a lot! I always have the same advice. However, specifically for the Gold Coast people, never a better time to seize your dreams, like no chase like tomorrow. We are really happy to live on the Gold Coast. Our natural environment, we are well educated and active community, we can afford the cost of living, our unique combination of barrier-free locations – beyond the standard! In my mind, there is not a better place to run your own business.

First, do it for yourself.

Do not do it for making money. Do not do for the image. Do not do it because someone told you. Do not because you do not like working for someone else will have a very long time, the souls of the obstacles to destruction and for a long time, or during this period you may not be profitable. If you are not personal and internal motives, then you will not be through these struggles to achieve. Find a question that you would like to solve, or the blanks of your personal experience, and solve the problem for you!

Second, understand your customers.

If you do not really understand your customers, then you can not effectively sell them, and in turn can not sell them to them or anyone else. Luckily, in 2017, it was never so simple – real-time metrics on all online e-commerce and marketing platforms, and if you do not know how your customers, their products, marketing or media spending work, then you will not Doing anything in normal.

Third, have fun

Not why you want to be your own boss in the first place! Enjoy it and make it into your own, it is true that you will never work in the day of your life.

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