Swimsuit advice for ladies swimming in deep water

Swimming England’s choice of swimming suits for ladies was criticized for being overly concerned with the shape of the female body.

The National Swimming Management Agency of England recommends on its website suitable for female swimmers to wear short or long torso, plus size brackets, “pear-shaped”, large or small bust, “relaxed stomach” or “childish body”. The page was later deleted.

“Make sure you have a swimwear that fits your body shape. It’s important to be honest with yourself or the people you buy. It can create a world that is different,” the guidance notes.

Simone Webb, a Ph.D. student in gender studies, met with guidance in the search for swimsuits. She said: “I am thinking about swimming again because I need to keep track of my aerobics and want to do some warm things indoors. I am really surprised and shocked that the national government agencies will be on their website. Post similar content on it.”

She said that mentoring advice to make women’s bodies as close as possible to specific female ideals is the most important thing when choosing sportswear. She claims that although Swim England’s advice is intended to encourage people to swim, the guidance may hinder women’s participation in the sport.

The guide covers “swimwear materials,” “understand the use of swimwear,” and “choose swimwear for women.” The last section is the most detailed introduction, but other sections have suggestions for appearance. Under the swimwear material, the coach told the female swimmer: “If you have your favorite body characteristics, you can highlight it with bright colors. Also, to hide a less popular feature, use a solid color.”

Weber said: “I can’t fully figure out how it got there. How did someone write it and think it’s a real thing?”

A British swimming spokesperson said: “This is an old web page in 2010 and does not represent the idea of ​​swimming in England. Once it caught our attention, we deleted the page and are replacing it with more appropriate information. Swimming is all One of the most accessible activities for people of age and ability. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the water and apologize for any violations that may be caused by these old information.”


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