Swimwear model Billie Jo Homuk is the winner

Saturday evening, Mount Isa Miami took part in the annual swimwear model contest.

More than 400 people participated, and eight women participated in three rounds of competitions, including formal clothes, themed clothes and swimsuits.


University student Billie Jo Homuk took away the famous champion Zena Scott will be two.

The 2017 KayDee steed Mademoiselle third and the personality were granted Kim Kleinhands.

The theme of this year is “trade clothing” to celebrate local workers.

Sam Kirkman is nominated for the best tradie Mount Isa and the arduous task of judging the competition.

Mr. Kirkman’s work, as a mechanical fitter, said he found judgment much more difficult than he had expected.

In the evening, the judges and other Jess Siely, cannon and tanned, Dee fighting in the mainland from the fitness time and the Scott Crawford.

The nutrition and vitality behind Mount Isa business on the go, anytime fitness club sponsorship activities in the inland areas of the battle, the smoking gun coffee and best barber.

Jennifer French, the event organizer, said that the competition is aimed at helping young women transform themselves into confident and strong women, and to experience opportunities through making wise choices.

In the evening, 1200 dollars of claw and Hoofs were raised, and the $1200 project was started.

Joel Pate, the owner of the cafe cafe, said that when we take the event as a sponsor, our aim is to improve our level and prestige.

“I think we have made a form that includes tables and drinks and creates a more socially responsive form of activity,” Pate said.

Competitors have done a lot of promotion for many local enterprises.

A lot of people criticize these games, and some people call them sex discrimination. I think if people really understand what they are involved in, they will have different ideas, that is hard work, long training and diet discipline.

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