The target’s new swimwear movement is free of charge with the body and PS image processing software

Early in March this year, the target released a new swimwear with more than 1700 styles.

This is a bright, tropical color and fashion avant-garde design variety – but the most important part is the release of their model in the swimsuit.

In second consecutive years, the target motion features of swimsuits are more realistic for the body type of women and 100% PS image processing software free of charge. The retail giant began working on the front of the body swimwear ad as early as 2016 # nofomo activities, to encourage users to embrace their self confidence and fearlessness.”

“Our goal is to end the pressure in the swimsuit season, to provide things for every target guest and let joy return to the beach,” the company said at a news conference. “We set up a solid foundation in our campaign last year. We were celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their bodies.”

The goal is to continue to promote inclusiveness is the problem of young people struggling to self – image at the time because social media is very necessary.

But, to be honest, it won’t happen if it doesn’t fit the bottom line.

2014, American Eagle underwear series, an eagle, took a huge risk, it stops the modification, modification and editing mode, in advertising and payment risk. 2015 of the fashion industry has increased sales, and 2016 of sales are bigger.

As consumers, we can encourage the Aerie and target retailers in the diversity of their advertising. If the brand promotes the reality type’s support in cash register, we will see more inclusive TV ads and social media articles in their catalogues.

Then, one day, we can live in a world where advertising motivates enthusiasm rather than plundering our insecurity.

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