Chanel launches capsule skiing and cheap swimming suits collection

Paris, if the six years of design collection are not enough, Carle Lagrange is adding two new capsule systems to Chanel, which is ready to wear: cocoa and Cocoa Beach.

The skiing and cheap swimming suits series will be scheduled from June to the store to ensure the components of the peak season. Lagerfeld said he knew in St. Tropez summer vacation, where he found the Chanel store lacks a strong beach gear classification.

In addition to his two times a year the clothing designer is responsible for the two series, fashion show, cruise collection annual M tiers d’art line E. He is also responsible for the internal display of the buyers of Chanel’s global boutique.

Bruno Pavlovsky, the president of the Chanel fashion, says capsules are responsive to customers’ immediate needs.

“We have about 30 stores in the seaside city, and in the months of June and July, when the town is very busy, such as Cannes, nice, Capri, Barcelona, Florida [city], shops are collecting in winter,” he said.

“These tactics are launched to better meet the needs of our customers and find the best way to communicate with them,” Pavlovsky said.

The Cocoa Beach line includes a swimming suit, a Bikinis night shop, a big handkerchief, a towtowel beach cover, a cowboy, a bag, and a canvas shoe. The swimsuit is black, glossy oversized decals e double C logo, or hand-painted plaid, in pink or red background, also appears in the annex.

It will be launched in 26 stores in June.

The cocoa industry will have a wider distribution of Chanel stores in series in July and August in its fall series. It will also be available in ski resorts such as Kul Schewe Le, and in Chanel there is a temporary storage in winter.

The line was announced as a home buyer in Paris, which is related to the fall instalment of the house. It is characteristic of technology projects, such as cutting down twill jacket and nylon ski pants; casual pieces, like a quilted pattern of Camellia Black Hoodie, including sheepskin boots and bags accessories.

“The idea is inclined to technology clothes, because I think that s movement in largely s-ski APR coverage of existing collections. So it’s a time to work, a little more technology, and more time to develop the product, “Pavlovsky said.

Some works, such as the light green cotton coat, features the emblem of the cover of the cocoa sign. “Our idea is to make these products visible by putting the name of the capsule on these products,” he said.

Pavlovsky said, this is M tiers d’art combination, early autumn series and fall ready to wear line, which is put forward in March 6th in Paris, to ensure the successful season shop.

“Every piece of Carle’s work has been seen, and he has seen everything. He is very devoted, and he always wants it to work. That’s the most important thing. This is not the second layer collection. “The energy behind it is the same,” he said.


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