Hundreds of Russians wear swimwear, up the hill, trying to beat the world speed record.


Nearly 2000 exposed skiers stripped down, Bikinis night club and trunk in what is known as the “world no skiing” weekend tour.

Ice and snow sports enthusiasts to boogelwoogel Sochi in the Easter weekend, Russia wearing snow and 12 C almost no temperature.

About 20000 people go up the ski way about 1800. They are said to be involved in breaking the weird attempt to record the largest downhill ride in the Irish beer world record of swimwear.

This festival starts on Thursday and lasts till Easter Monday.

The current world record by 1008 skiers in bikinis skiing Carnival held in Sochi in 2016.

2017, the Siberia sheregesh resort tried to beat the records set by Sochi into 1498 skiers and skiing records of Russia, but did not provide enough evidence to get a formal decision from the Irish beer.

Other activities at the festival include skijumping becoming a swimming pool, a celebration of Holi festival color, and live music.

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