The local entrepreneur gave up fifty thousand swimsuit

Houston – Houston’s mothers and daughters have organized 50,000 cheap good quality bikinis through their online company “Love and Bikini”.

They are doing so, want to get the word and get attention in their year’s project

This is not your typical designer studio, but in this quaint garage, it seems that the lack of glory and charm is the heart overflow.

Love and bikini boss Olga Parks (Olga Parks) said: “We are now living in the American dream.

48-year-old Olga Park, 23 years ago left Mexico. She pursued a better life for her and her children.

Now her girls are growing up, she followed her own passion, and her daughter on the Internet design high quality bikini.

Parks said: “I am very excited, it is incredible, I can not believe we finally arrived.

Following the footsteps of her mother, 29-year-old Elizabeth Marcelo left the company’s work with entrepreneurial spirit.

“I always have my own business mentality,” said Elizabeth Macedo, co-owner of Love & Bikinis.

Open the door “love and bikini” is a thought that blossoms a year ago, the two think the market needs.

Parks said: “We can not find what we want, sometimes because of the size, other times the quality is not good.”

So, the woman put things in their own hands.

“We started doing our own thing,” she said.

From velvet to lakala, these colorful bikini retail prices are between $ 70 and $ 120, but starting from Monday night, if you hurry, you can buy it.

In the next two weeks, there will be fifty thousand swimsuit was taken away.

Bikini 100% free, the only thing that will cost you $ 12 for shipping and handling charges will be delivered to your home.

An idea that the two would want to start their start to become stardom.

“That’s where your dreams come true,” said Parks.

When asked how to give up so many cheap good quality bikinis, ladies say they have a lot of manufacturers. They are also using some of their savings to achieve this.

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