Weiner’s Ltd: Wholesale Travel Items

In more than 25 years of B2B industry, Weiner Co., Ltd. has been the wholesaler of travel size merchandise. Many hotels, hospitals, casinos, bookstores, airports and so on have always believed that they retain the customers most in need of products.

Weiner’s Ltd was founded in 1991 by Alan Weiner and has been dedicated to providing a wide range of non-prescription drugs and personal care products, snacks, swimwear and clothing as well as electronic accessories.

Alan Wayne has an insight after traveling to the world. Ultimately, it’s one of the other people who can easily meet their needs. Unfortunately, when there are no items, travel may be hampered, and sometimes these items are hard to get. In turn, his vision is to let travelers travel through the local products. The desire for a seamless experience is not just for the traveler, but also for the care of their business.

Weiner Co., Ltd.’s team has a wide range of tourism industry knowledge and the most needed goods. Each traveler knows and loves the brand travel size of the product is their specialty because they know their difference in transit time. Some of these product categories include:

Drugs and health: drugs, relieve pain, cough, cold and cold, digestion and nausea, sinus and allergy, first aid, eye care, vitamins and energy supplements.

Personal care: oral hygiene, hair care, bath care, beauty, female cosmetics, environmental / natural products, personal care products.

Food: candy, chewing gum and mint, snacks, drinks

Other: travel equipment, seasonal and outdoor, baby products, clothing and shoes, shelves, DIY

Wiener has become a one-stop shop for hotels, gift shops and other retailers, from large businesses and chain stores to local moms and popular shops. Keeping the wholesale price competitive, coupled with impressive customer service, is the reason for their success and repeated satisfaction. Their representatives can help you choose the right product for your store and make sure to receive your goods in time. As a result, Weiner Ltd continues to receive a better business bureau A + rating.


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