Model Walked Swimsuit Runway Show While Breastfeeding

Miami swimsuit model finalist Mara. Martin makes waves during Swimming week through breast-feeding on the runway. The sexy mom knows how to work on the runway on July 16, 2018. During last night’s paraisox swimsuit runway show, a swimsuit model searched for finalist Mara. Martin turned her eyes as she walked into the show as she breast-fed her five-month-old daughter. Mara owns a track, a gold shoulder with a bikini, a noise-reducing headset, a green bikini and a diaper. Frazier Harrison / Getty Pictures Monday, Mara posted on instagram the reaction she received at the show. She explained that while she was awed by the reaction, she did not believe that the mother breast-feeding her daughter was newsworthy. She even wrote: “even if I was selected as a track, I don’t feel anything.” She wrote. Anyone who knows me knows that this is the dream of my life. I can’t believe my daughter and I do what I do every day in the headlines. It is, to say the least, so humble and illusory. I am very grateful for sharing this information and hope to normalize breastfeeding and tell others that women can do all of this! But honestly, the real reason I can’t believe it is a title, because it shouldn’t be a title! The story of my mother, walking and feeding her, that’s it. ”

it was very spontaneous,” MJ explained. As I spoke to the girls backstage before the show began, I saw Mara’s children sleeping and quietly nursing. I asked Mara if she would walk and continue nursing. She said, “Oh, my God, yes! Really? Are you sure? ” I definitely did! I like the idea that Mara can maintain care and further emphasize how incredible and beautiful women are. For me, I took care of two babies myself, so I found it was one of the most powerful things a woman can do. It’s the simplest decision I’ve made in months. ” 

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