Body Shaping Plan—4 Chic Shapewear Trends I’m Definitely Choose

Body Shaping Plan—4 Chic Shapewear Trends I'm Definitely Choose

Shapewear was created to give the illusion of an hourglass figure, a flatter stomach, and a curvier waist. And we know that since the time of corsets in the past, they have undergone many changes not only in the sizes and shapes but most importantly from the fabric. While is mostly only worn and preferred by women, shapewear can also be worn by men.

But do you know how shapewear works? Well, a full body shapewear was created to be worn under the clothing to temporarily alter the shape of the body. This happens because it hardens up and also compresses the flabby and bulgy areas in the body to eventually give the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Modern waist trainer wrap are now made from breathable materials and are skin-friendly, making them more comfortable (if rightly chosen and also rightly worn), if you compared them with the corsets from the old eras that were simply painful and very uncomfortable.

Sculptshe High Waisted Zipper Butt Lifting Shorts

Here are my favorite shapewear trends that I’m definitively choosing from Sculptshe. A brand that wants to shape a stunning silhouette for every woman. As they believe that all of us women deserve to feel and look our best and want us to feel empowered and confident while also feeling poised and sexy. Their high-quality shapewear will definitively enhance our natural beauty.

The good thing about them in modern times is that brands are starting to be more inclusive and you can find waist trainer for plus size women and shapewear in many sizes so nobody feels left out and gets to have the best body they possibly can.

First on the list is, Seamless Firm Triple Control Underwear Bodysuit. This one will give you full control with its ultra-high compression and it will be perfect under every outfit you want to wear. Thanks to the slim fabric, it will smooth out your tummy while making it barely noticeable. The butt area isn’t padded and has a design that will lift the butt.

It is so comfy it will feel like a second skin and the crotch area has a zipper. It also has a silicone strip that is anti-rolling and will make it stay put. It will smooth and shape all the right places while taming the tummy, slimming the tights, and lifting the butt.

Then, we have the Open-Bust Catsuit Body Shaper. This shapewear offers a snug fit thanks to the adjustable straps. It also has an open-bust design that will give you not only an excellent fit but also full under-breast support. You can customize it to the desired length thanks to its cut-mark design.

The midsection area has a double-layer compression panel that provides waist control and targets the tummy and the butt area is pre-shape, preventing uni-butt and an open gusset for easy bathroom visits.

Sculptshe Plus Size Seamless Firm Triple Control Underwear Bodysuit

Also on my list is the Adjustable Straps Open Bust Bodysuit. This one will shape and lift your core and chest while holding you in your core. It will also enhance your natural shape, thanks to its high-cut leg soft and seamless construction. It also has an open bust and open crotch design with hooks. Thanks to its butt-lifting effect, it will shape the hips and wrap them too. You will always feel comfortable thanks to its flexible straps.

Sculptshe Adjustable Straps Open Bust Bodysuit

And finally, the Butt Lifter Body Shaper with Removable Butt Pads. You’ll get all-day comfort thanks to its nylon and spandex blend that is ultra-soft. It has an open crotch, zip and hook-and-eye closures, and removable straps so you can fit it to your size. It has a rubber band on the waist that will prevent it to squeeze and digging, the lace trim on the leg opening promotes ventilation and its slip-proof strips will prevent rolling up.

The tummy area gets an enhanced control effect thanks to the three-layer fabric. The butt area has a ruched area that is stretchy and won’t let your natural curves flatten. It also comes with removable hip and butt pads that will enhance your hourglass figure.

Sculptshe Butt Lifter Body Shaper with Removable Butt Pads
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