Calzedoni has created a splash in the United States by using its influence

Calzedonia is seeking to make a splash in the U.S. market and is using the influence of social media to achieve that goal. Last week, the swimsuit and socks company hosted 180 influencers from 40 countries at their headquarters in Verona, Italy, showing off their latest bikinis and pouches. On behalf of the American contingent is former Miss Universe Olivia Calpo (olivia culpo), a fashion personality, Olivia Calpo (olivia culpo). Louise Roy (louise roe) and blogger Charlotte Groenvid are fashion guitarists. All three have slightly more than 3.6 million fans, each subscribing to their own style and inclined to buy anything that is supposed to be recommended. To varying degrees, these women are powerful enough to make brands pay first prize for endorsements and posts on their social platforms.

In fact, over the past decade, the way fashion-no, general content-has been spread has changed dramatically. In this digital age, once respected fashion magazines and TV commercials-companies spend all their advertising money-have become less popular. The public is now getting news and entertainment from mobile phones and tablets, allowing the media to invest heavily in print, billboards and radio. In addition, what makes the idea of a supplier-a leader in business-broadened in scope. Higher than your magazine editors and show makers have lost their influence over those who tell personal stories on platforms like instagramTwitter and facebook. Now, anyone with a mobile device can become an influential person if they attract enough followers and active participation. And, it seems, anyone with a mobile device can be an influential person. Calzedonia (virtually every brand) is aware of this change in consumer habits, especially in the U.S. market.

Calzedonia, a subsidiary of the calzedonia Group, was founded by sandro veronesi in Verona in 1986 and has enjoyed a good reputation and multiplied growth in the European market. It offers plenty of reasonably priced beach clothes, tight pants and socks, becoming the leader in these categories. Since last year, it has been expanding its operations to the United States, aiming to compete with local and leading companies. It was Sandro’s son, marcello Veronesie, who completed the difficult task.

As the US chief executive, young Veronis is acutely aware of the influence of influential people and how they are the most effective way to target fashion fans and raise awareness of the brand. Last year, Caledonian insider Intimisimi (intimissimi) opened a flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, inviting editors-Hollywood-to dip his feet in American waters. For Caledonian, however, he focused more on the latter and brought them to their own territory so that they could share their experience with their huge, like-minded fans.

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