Grana’s new swimming suits is scary and cheap

Late last week, affordable basic brand Grana – if you’re not familiar with the Hongkong label style (and price points)! Between UNIQLO Everlane launched a new cheap swimming suits for men and women, very cute.


The men’s collection includes a bunch of colors and some simple prints, three swimshort styles: 4 inches of custom-made boxes, drawstring trunks, trunk and 6.5 inch custom.


Women collect more widely, there are two different a (V and a spoon back), three styles (high waisted, regular briefings, and briefs, and string) four styles (headband, triangle top, car front halter and bra style), you can mix and match, all available the two colors of black and white, feel 2017: olive green and pink, beige-y.


All fit perfectly look minimalist cheap swimming suits critical, echoing those ultra popular solid color of a piece, we have seen her from like female swimming, brand and baserange, but at a more and more affordable price point. Men’s cheap swimming suits cost $39, while women’s dresses start at $29, and $65.


In some of our favorite collections, a look, or store, they are on Grana’s Web site.


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