he suit is designed to make life easier for parents at swimming pool.

It is easier said than done to handle poop time or change diapers at a beach or swimming pool. Of course, when your toddler tells you they have to go to the bathroom instead of breaking the cardinal’s “No urination in the Pool” rule, you’re relieved-but taking off your wet swimsuit to the bathroom is a difficult task. Fortunately, this is a difficult task. The women behind the brand Alexis Castrano and Jill Slater created a children’s swimsuit that allows children to change diapers and inevitably makes it easier for parents to go to the bathroom. Their swimsuits are equipped with an easy bottom part (like a dress) that allows them to go to the bathroom or change diapers. There is no trouble. There is even a magnetic strip on the back of the swimsuit that, when you change your child’s diaper or your child goes to the bathroom, puts what you take out in the right place to make sure there is no messy experience. It’s just genius!

That makes sense given that the product was designed by parents for their parents. “We’re two moms, just trying to make our lives easier,” co-founder castellano told Huffington Post (the huffington post) in an interview. On the outside, that’s what they do.

So far, there are only a few comments on these swimsuits on Amazon, but each commentator has chosen a five star comment for the swimsuit. 5/5 is good! “The concept of the suit is simple, but great. This is one of the” why no one thinks of this “! The tight swimsuit is so easy to open! A satisfaction. “And it’s easy to shut down,” his mother wrote on Amazon. “It eliminates all the little girls (and their mothers) who are trying to lift a wet dress to make the hard peristalsis and pull the dance.”

Because of the adaptability of these suits, they are also suitable for children with disabilities, and brand creators are pleased to see that their products are useful to so many people. “We really like the adaptability of suits,” castellano told the Huffington Post. “We’re not just making mom’s daily life easier, we’re helping the community,” Castrano told the Huffington Post (huffington post). “of course, it’s not the only brand that makes beach and swimming pool days more affordable. Another brand, Snapshot, uses snapshots to make parents’ lives easier. Tights cost just $19.99, and they’re cheap. ” If you like their swimsuits, you may also be interested in their dresses, if you have a ballerina at home! Pink and black dresses retail for $34.

So, will you buy one or two tight suits before the end of the summer? We didn’t pay to write the story. The products and services mentioned below are independent of sales and advertising choices. However, buying any product or service through a affiliate link to a retailer’s website may result in a small commission.


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