Shore whistle! Reality TV star Courtney Stoden almost collapsed her incredible little bikini she hit at LA Beach

Courtney Stoden is an expert in pretending to be sexy self timer in her cozy Losangeles apartment.

But on Wednesday, the reality TV show “beloved” is best known for her to marry the “Green Run” actor Doug Xiuqiexun at the age of 16, when she was only 56 years old, breaks down from the iPhone, at LA beach near Santa Monica to bask in the sun.

The 22 year old couple treated stars seemed to be showing off her curves. She was so small in bikinis that she was almost exposed to public exposure.

A sexy girl who dyed her hair and made her make-up like Marilyn, Monroe, wearing small white cheap good quality bikinis and pink polka dots at the bottom.

A sneeze, it looks like she can pop up the little clothes.

With the sun’s intense bright day, Stodden uses mirrored sunglasses and straw hats. Beauty is seeing feet wet in the cold Pacific and taking a walk to the seaside.

At this point she was holding a white dog, this is a dangerous move, such as dogs do not allow owners in Santa Monica beach can be fined.

But it appeared that the model did not get into trouble with the police.

Courtney also saw a sparkling blue bag, almost like a mermaid’s story.

Stodden seems to be doing well because she splits from January to december.

The stars split up after the holiday fight, but they still seem to live together in the LA apartment, and now, it has claimed.

The 16 year old singer took part in the show workshop taught Hutchison, who appeared in movie air prison, bait and me Am Sam.

They started flirting online and met in six months.

After asking her mother’s permission, the actress began dating young people.

“The way we met was really beautiful,” Stodden said in an interview with 2011 good morning American host Laura Spencer.

“My mother is my career manager.”. Her friend told me that my mother [Hutchison] held some seminars. I’m interested in acting. So what’s the better way to connect than that?”

She sent me an e-mail. “Communicating with us was, at first, just a real business,” says Hutchison.

Totally innocent, “Stodden said.

They married 2011 in Las Vegas, and he was immediately regarded as a predator”.

2012, they co starred in couples therapy and she continued in British celebrity big brother twelfth season star edition.

Then Stodden appears in the Reelz reality TV series Hollywood hermit, consolidate his reputation as a reality TV star.

Two years later, they separated and signed a legally separate document, but in 2014 they agreed with a plan to renew the vows in May 2016.

Stodden hasn’t been in public for months at Hutchison.

In late April, she worked with the divorced party in Las Vegas: “it’s really hard to tell the score.”. Doug and I get along very well, but it’s difficult, you know, because we’re trying to keep our friendship, because we’re best friends, and we don’t want to be on the road to a disastrous Hollywood.


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