Bird: a conscientious and visually bad woman shop

“Everything we do is feminist and idealistic.”. “We’re a fashion label, but we’re outsiders, and we’ve been looking for positive ways to do things differently,” explains Burdesan co-founder Sophie Slater. Since 2014, the company has created a new sense of shopping with two other women. With spells, no sweatshops, no Photoshop ‘, their Hoxton in London tonight launches pop shops.

National spirit is simple; birdsong wants to champion women and non binary people. “Whether it is a charity through making a highly skilled women, our clothes and cooperation than competition, what kind of clothes to No. 22, or really believe all the body is very good, we hope to meet when you enter the store, Louise slaughter clarification. Many brands promote feminist ideals or put on “T-shirts” on T-shirts, but you can be sure that we’re doing a good job. It is moving in order to keep women’s services running, or to support future and future artists and designers, which is something we all feel good about.

The store, from July twenty-seventh to 1 the stocking of young designers, publications such as the back, lady, polyester zinc, transvestite uncle, birdsong zinc, nest, and sustainable development of the period, the company thinx pants. All of our other brands are the result of an entire team obsessed with finding beautiful, ethical brands or amazing publications (usually ourselves). Then we’ll buy wholesale store, Louise slaughter added.


Highlights include Yutong, which wholesale swimwear is subject to the Rihanna label recycling nets, the song of the collection, which is composed of immigrants, in Shoreditch live in low income women, wages popler and Liam Moorhouse, and between the birds and the Kerrey oupei Limited Edition Dyatt cooperation. Slater M said, “look out,” embroidered pants, sold fashionable slogans, socks, and perfect summer sandals.” She pointed out, “basically, we’re from head to toe, all right, ethical makeup, this time.” We hope that this is a taste from our brand expectations, because our aesthetics and values continue to grow and challenge other industries.

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