Duncan: Halloween candy on store shelves in August, really?

At the beginning of June, I was shocked by the local retail stores and the online projects and promotions that had returned to school. In mid-July, I was very disappointed when a large box store that needed a member began to show autumn and winter clothes for sale near summer supplies such as cheap swimming suits and swimming pool maintenance products. Now, just in August, I have witnessed the Halloween gift on the local store shelves. Do you know that these colorful and seductive boxes contain 50 to 100, if not more, mini chocolate bar?

At this time, the channel and shelves are clearing any signs of summer, removing insect repellent sprays, cheap lawn decorations and solar lights, as well as various plastic toys designed for children, in the sandbox to entertain themselves.

Sadly, if you want a sign that summer is going to end, it seems just to visit any number of local stores. To be frank, in order to win more competition, many retailers are raining and our parade is out of date. At this pace, Christmas sales may start from September 1, if not faster, from what I can say.

Although food retailers and grocers will certainly offer the most common season and harvest products, their shelves are starting to show signs of an upcoming fall and winter.

Even if Thanksgiving Turkey has not yet been highlighted, just give it a little time, they will lie in the state and get ready in a week, I said. Although the local corn has just appeared in front of a boring and difficult year after the farmers, the local strawberries have fallen, but pumpkin and pumpkin coming soon, you bet.

Even the pharmacies that have been selling all the things that have been sold for a long time (kitchen and bathroom sinks) have joined the early and outbound promotion games. In fact, candy and chocolate sales can be quite impressive due to the impressive number and quantity of sweet products offered. I will not sell perfume and cosmetics here, though they are prominent at the door of every pharmacy I know.

Now, if you really want to buy Christmas candy before Halloween, the pharmacy may be the place. If you want candy in Halloween in August, then you know where to go. Just visit the perfume and perfume parts for easy access.

So, why did the retailer get the goods that do not belong to the season earlier? As early as July, winter coats and boots have been sold in stores? Whether you get back to school products and promotions, just as students drop out of school in the summer? Halloween candy as early as August store shelves appeared on a bad thing? Do retailers jump our summer fun?

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