7 Brands Making Swimsuits for Women With Big Boobs

Those big chest women will eventually be easier to buy bra – beautiful and sexy women. But ask DD any of the above women, she will tell you, swimsuit is not the case. Unfortunately, the swimsuit is behind.

Go to H & M or Forever 21, you will find the bikini shirt weakness – small, medium and large cheap fabric of the small triangle. Many of the store’s tops look like your grandmother’s bra are waterproof coating. Basically, when it comes to swimsuit, if you have a chest: wish you good luck.

However, retailers will notice that their most frequently sold size is actually larger than DD. Rigby & Peller’s most frequently sold size is 32E, according to Bare Necessities, its five best-selling brassiere size swimsuit is 34DD, 36DD, 34E, 36E and 34F. Obviously, demand is not a problem.

For many cup size swimsuit, this is a non-negotiable option, but the choice is indeed very limited, and often a serious lack of style. Therefore, worthy of recognition of the brand to create a larger woman than the DD cup viable works (no, really).

Here it is here that you should bookmark the bookmarks. Hope that the swimwear industry will note that our choice will be more extensive. Consider the action call of the big girl.

Pour Moi

This British brand is exclusively sold in Paris. While Pour Moi, like all the brands listed here, has its hits and misses, there is a style that I am particularly excited about. Glamazon Scoop Neck has a swimming cap below $ 50 (ie $ 46), and, thanks to the details of the grid, it looks more like a chilly sport than on the beach. In addition, this line is insignificant and hardly obvious. If you want to add some sexual attraction, just add the same grid at the bottom ($ 29).


The fast fashion monster’s internal brand has some legal stuff, including a special part, called Fuller Bust for women above the DD and ASOS curves, plus the number.

Like clothing, all this is very cheap: for example, Tie Shoulder Crop bikini (Bie Shoulder Crop Bikini), size to F cup, only $ 25.80. Exquisite bow is unusual for a larger bikini (usually looks detail to support the weight of the watermelon truck) while the #millennippink tone keeps the trend.


Like Bare Necessities, Figleaves is a veritable underwear network. However, it also has an internal brand, and most models can be on the G cup. This high collar ($ 45) provides a unique profile for women who want to look chic but still covered (and it is scattered). Match the bottom, if you enter it, with its high waist can be retro look.



Compared with many peers, the fantastic choice is wide and it is great – we need as many choices as we can get! Although the company name is not large, but the choice means that everyone may have something. Although the price is expensive, cocoa Island balcony black and white pattern (above is $ 74) is one of the best patterns I have ever seen.

Miss Mandalay

The brand is a good bet for a large cup of bra, and swimsuit has something to make those who are not shy on their own chest, rather than let them wear bikini wearing clothes (you can easily think of Kylie and Co in the brand “icon Harbin swimming”, the current price of $ 43.99 rose 50%, and reached the FF). For some small va-va-voom, try this burgundy top ($ 89).


Panache and his sister brand, Panache’s Cleo made a solid swimsuit, looks more like a bra-like. You can rest assured that they will stick to you if you are looking for a real basis that will not soon feel out of date, then choose the top of the swimming pool like Anya Balconette ($ 59) is a good bet. Cleo’s products are characterized by larger, brighter patterns that have the same bra size as the foundation.

Rigby & Peller

The British institution is a queen shop with queen and Kate Middleton – no endorsement can be more powerful, and the store’s place is still showing a lot of shops. These accessories are based on a proprietary system designed by the company that may just change everything you think of your own cup size, which makes the experience perfectly worthwhile.

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