Make-up free Lindsay Lohan sports very smooth complexion in off-the-shoulder swimsuit as she returns to Greece… one year after beach altercation with ex-fiancé in Mykonos

She was in last year’s Grecian Beach with her fiance’s Egor Talabasov’s famous dealings.

However, from the time of fighting a year, 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) returned to Greece, when found a more calm time, reflecting a very smooth skin color.

The average girl star on Thursday before her 31st birthday celebration, relaxing in the Aegean crystal water, looks glowing, staggering pillow ped. sound.

Lindsay in the “parent trap” in the adaptation of the 12-year-old rose to the fame, looks flawless, wrinkled in the shoulder a swimsuit, highlighting her snow-capped skin tone and soft arms.

Simple black one draws attention to her soft bust and slender chord.

Swimsuit high cut also flashed her tone, in the stars of the skin exposed a few bruises.

Her flames lock in a simple and elegant bread, and then woven into a fishtail braids, draped over a shoulder.

When she walks through the surf and enjoys the beauty of the Mediterranean, the star wears a trousers.

She joins her beach charm with some fine gold chains decorated with medals and diamond studs.

Lindsay chose free makeup, showing her inner glory, and covered her sparkling eyes with oversized tones.

Lindsay, his birthday falls on July 2, raised eyebrows last week when she sent a birthday invitation to Britney Spears and Beyonce via Twitter
She also invited the Hilton Paris Hotel to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Proved idyllic Greek island will not have memories, Lindsay in her birthday rest, in the speedboat set up a speedboat, smiling to friends.

In August 2016, the dramatic photographs showed Lindsay with her fiance at the time of the rage, the violent quarrel, the Russian playboy Egor Talabasov in the island of Mykonos.
Rohan and Talabasov said in black 4×4 that this photo shows a noisy.

Saw the actress threw his cell phone on the beach and fled the car.
Egor was seen catching her, grabbing her from behind, trying to grab the phone, turning her arm back to her back.

Their relationship ends soon.

The e-mail revealed in October that after failing to pay £ 78,000 in rent, she was facing a bankruptcy situation that seemed to be something for a previous child star.

Lindsay has repeatedly repaired alcohol and drug problems, and spent time in prison, is now launching their own way of life website, so fans a glimpse of life.

The app and website will also be a glimpse of her show for fans.

Recently, Lindsay was found to have collaborated with Harry Potter’s star Rupert Grint after starting the second season of the busy comedy Sick Note, and she reported that she would play the Rupert screen Boss Katerina West (Katerina West).

Lindsay began as a child model, staring at advertisements and advertisements before playing the twins in the “parent trap”.

Disney film personality in the “weird Friday” and “girl drama queen confession” in the protagonist, and then in 2004 in the “average girl” debut.

Lindsay’s last role is in the short film “Human Voice” in 2015.

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