Online, the direct-to-consumer swimming suits has its own moments

Last month, Victoria’s Secret headline news in the report decided to eliminate swimwear, presumably focusing on sportswear and beauty classes (besides, apparently lingerie). The news left some of us scratching our heads, which caused some swimming brands to flow to the retailer’s market share of $500 million.

The global swimwear market is expected to exceed $2019, according to 28 billion worth of $2014, valued at 20 billion 900 million. It is also considered a seasonal category, because the demand for cheap swimming suits is increasing year by year. As ticket prices are getting cheaper, travel to warm climates throughout the year is also increasing as consumers tend to record travel by social media. Today, consumers’ desire to spend money on experience rather than luxury has become such a trend. And some are jeans in swimming suits! What has happened to the world?

As a result of all these factors, new swimwear brands have been springing up. Because it’s 2016, we seem to be in an online, local, direct to consumer movement, similar to what we’ve seen in glasses and underwear in recent

“This is really affected by these direct sports consumption enterprise in a specific vertical and cheap swimming suits innovation I like a horrible woman shopping more than any of the other categories,” explains Khalil Al Jude, former chief operating officer of bikyni reform launched the so-called “swimsuit”, about a year ago, Parke Warby.

Like most retail interference, “Al Khalil begins to address some specific issues, and she sees swimwear markets: clutter, over design and pricing.”.” There are a lot of swimwear brands, and I think that’s pretty overwhelming, even trying to find a simple, fitting suit that’s more difficult than you think… Plus pricing, which makes it more challenging.” Bikyni stock is only seven bikini style, six bottom and two pieces, each is more classic, simple and functional. They are also $100, filling a bright spot between the “solid stripes” and the “high-end” swimming brands of high-end brands such as Italy and Losangeles produced in Italy. (perhaps not coincidentally, the secret reserve Victoria models, some people may find overwhelming, last year, the company’s former chief executive officer accused of less than the design. The usual swimming sales too complex)

In the online swimsuit space for consumers, direct bikyni’s main competitor is cocodune, which launched earlier this year. Similarly, it boasts LA made suits with timeless designs, priced at around $100. It even has a Warby like “try first buy” option, which will give you four free swimsuit; you send back what you don’t like and keep you charged.” “We’ve made the swimsuit an experience, not just a product, and I think that’s what helped us achieve traction,” says founder Matthias Metternich. Including strong customer service functions, such as free delivery, installation guide and easily return is the company’s standard, as well as the other players in the online swimsuit space, such as multi brand website – luxury, it launched about two years ago. Founder Candice Galek is higher in today’s consumer expectations: “we expect the project will we complete our purchase, hope it looks exactly the same, and is suitable for online, like a dream, all at a good price and includes free shipping. We want to be able to try it, and have the freedom to return to buy, if it is not everything we want, and get a full refund. Basically, we’d like to have an all allowance for buying bricks and mortar shops without too much hassle.

The founder of our conversation also referred to cultural changes, which strengthened the vitality of cheap swimming suits brands. Many people will have a lot of activities during the holidays, we want more planning, high-end quality of that part, “explained bikyni designer Joanna Faschani, he also pointed out that companies such as Bikyni, it can be found that women like the October month suit is very difficult.” Either it’s on sale, cherry picking, or it’s gone. We’re always fresh.”

“We saw swimsuits as underwear and bras and athleticwear,” Metternich said.” With the introduction of health benefits from swimming pool to swimming, yoga’s introduction blurs the line between lifestyle and health, and the fact that you can do almost nothing on the plane now… What you see is a real change in the seasonal nature of the product itself.”

Does that mean investors are interested? It looks like this. Two, cocodune and Bikyni raised external funding, and said they might raise more of the future.” “The edge can be attractive,” says Al Khalil, who also says she sees people at bikyni’s LA factory beginning to try out brands.” This is not easy, the development of a Web interface, we have, so I think we are an attractive swimwear brand investors, because we are a huge part of the industry, there are a lot of opportunities and a part of our network, direct to consumer business, it is very it is important, now is to each retailer’s way of shopping.”

“The company is a $800 million market in the United states. It’s built for Warby Parker in a huge eyewear industry, so I think it’s a class that will [more] startups emerge, “Metternich said.” I think there is a certain risk, but I think a category worse than we may be ice cream and ice cream is a multi billion dollar business all year round.

Through several internet-y, innovative tour brands remain on your radar, all of which, of course, has a strong Instagram presence. Keep your eyes on it because we believe there will be more to come soon.


Cocodune, was officially launched in March, has a simple, functional and affordable Bikinis nightclub and a lasting innovation, by Italy fabric, experience and free online shopping, including free door to try. Prices range from $42 to $182, a Triangle Bikini, a deep V siamese.


Bikyni, launched by the former chief operating officer in the reform, introduced about a year ago, also has quality, minimalist cheap swimming suits in the United States with extensive health guidance and free shipping and returns. The price ranges from $50 at the top or bottom to $95 per piece.

Bikini Deluxe

The two start Bikini Luxe doesn’t make a swimsuit, but as an online shopping destination for swimwear brand array, trying to through strong customer service and social media marketing many to become a leader in the field, from the influence of the controversial LinkedIn post.


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