17 ways to save money on swimsuits

Swimwear shopping may be a nightmare. Although some people like it, but many people understand that to find a look good, suitable for the perfect, can still bear the pain of the swimsuit. Fortunately, you can use some tips and tricks to find a suit that meets all three of these.

From swimsuit coupons to swimwear sales, you can avoid using the following savings strategy to brag about your summer budget when you start searching for the perfect bikini next time.

1. Choose just a pair of new bottom …

Choose a pair of new bottom to help you save money while finding the best swimsuit for your body. Kendal Perez, a savings specialist at CoupeSherpa.com, says that this strategy is particularly useful if your suit is still in good shape and you only need to replace the top or bottom.

“For example, at the bottom of a favorite yellow and white striped bikini was ruined in the river, I found an orange Ralph Lauren bikini at $ T. j.Maxx for $ 20,” she said. “I do not like the top, but I like how the bottom fits.”

You may also have more luck to prevent good clearance transactions for a single piece that suits your body and budget.

2. Or just buy a new top

Do you already have a decent swimsuit at the bottom? If you are a boring woman, wearing the same swimsuit again and again, just replace the top can save a little money.

Be sure to check the cleaning rack to get the best deal. What you do not want to do is buy a costume swimsuit more when it’s your real top.

3. Go to the store brand

If you are looking for cheap swimsuit, you will find it difficult to find them from the designer’s brand. Savory expert Andrea Woroch said, however, you can find the most popular trends from Target, ASOS, Old Navy and Forever 21 stores.

For example, Target’s Xhilaration brand is worth $ 20, similar to Triangl (about $ 89 large-scale swimsuit high-end designer), “she says.

4. Use coupons to find additional savings

Before you go to the shopping center, please search the best coupon website for possible trade in swimsuit. CouponSherpa.com, Coupons.com and RetailMeNot.com are good places to start online coupons and coupon codes as well as printable and mobile coupons. Many of these types of coupon websites are discounted and can be used on affordable retailers such as Macy’s, JCPenney, etc.

“You can find a 20% swimsuit like Kohl’s, 20% of swimsuit and SwimSpot discounts,” says Woroch. “You can also find the target coupon to save $ 50 to buy $ 5 or use the store’s target Cartwheel application to find additional store savings.

Combine your coupons with online and in-store swimwear sales – if you can, you will eventually save a ton.

5. Only swimsuit sales

If you have enough discipline to stop buying a new swimsuit, you will be lucky. It is expected that summer necessities will be sold in large quantities, such as swimwear, and in summer, retailers will launch summer styles to make room for fall fashion.

6. Compare prices

As a smart shopper, do some homework before buying – this is absolutely suitable for swimsuit, Woroch said.

“For brands such as La Blanca, Roxy, Quicksilver or Jessica Simpson, which sell in department stores and retailers, be sure to use the ShopSavvy application to compare prices and ask the salesperson to price it,” she said.

7. Go to Outlets

If you want to buy a specific swimsuit from a high-end retailer or designer, you can choose to export stores to save costs. Woroch says you can save 40% to 70% of the normal retail price.

Although you have already played a lot on the swimsuit, you can usually increase your discounts by using coupons or applying for holiday sales on already reduced items. “She added.

For brand swimsuit, Woroch recommends visiting stores such as BCBG Factory Stores, Saks OFF 5TH and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

8. Shop at T.J.Maxx, Ross and Marshall

Woroch says shops like T.J.Maxx, Ross and Marshalls offer top brands, with only a small portion of the price, and you can save time when looking for cheap swimsuit.

“For example, T.J.Maxx’s one-piece package costs $ 25 (or less), including fashionable styles, while bikini and tank prices are less than $ 15.”

9. take care of your clothes

The best way to stretch your money on a swimwear is to maximize the life you already have. The better the conditions, the longer they last, the less you have to buy.

“Chlorine and swimsuit fabrics are not well mixed,” says Voroch. “Without proper care, your clothes will become weary and tainted.”

You can take some precautions to extend the life of the swimsuit. Woroch said that after each use, you can soak in swimsuits in cold water, as much as possible to remove chlorine, to avoid the use of the ability to break the elastic dryer. By following these simple tips, you can keep your swimsuit for a longer period of time and save money.

10. Use the discontinued brand

This summer, the use of Victoria’s secret stop line and the motion board of the liquidation sales.

Victoria’s secrets offer up to 60 percent more than 300 swimsuit styles, and the Sports Authority offers everything from 30% to 50% – you may find deals about men and women swimsuit.

11. Browse large stores

If the cheap swimwear is your pursuit, it would be better to Target, the old navy, Wal-Mart and other low-cost large retailers. Perez says many of these stores offer several swimsuit styles.

“In addition, many of these stores are designed according to the latest swimsuit trends and designs, so you can often find things that look high but costly,” she added.

12. Order online

Shopping swimsuit itself can be a fight. But if you are one of the many women who do not like the locker room and fluorescent lamps, online ordering is a good choice. Perez said, just make sure you shop on the free shipping and return website.

“In addition, online shopping offers more choices that can help you find what you want when you have some special thoughts like a basic black one,” she says.

13. Labor Day sales

If you missed the deal on July 4 this year, do not worry – Labor Day will also be filled with the deal. Perez said that you can expect Labor Day sales to continue throughout the summer. And during these sales, is expected to find clearance on the swimsuit price.

“If in some cases, if you can overcome the impulse to buy clothes, then you can save 40% to 60%.” “Like clothing, you can find coupons on weekends, including on the Internet, Get an extra discount. ”

14. buy more than one swimsuit

It’s not easy to find your swimsuit. So when you do, why not buy more than one – especially if the price is correct? When you buy a swimsuit sale, you may find that the price is too high to pass.

15. Shop beach sidewalk sales

Do you have a beach in your work? Continue reading the sidewalk store for possible steals, recommend Linda Condrillo, the savings specialist and the owner of the website FrugalLinda.com. She said, you usually start at the end of July to find great sidewalk sales.

“I sold a lot of time on the sidewalks of the California beach hut – in Denville, N.J. – where the savings were great.” I bought a luxury suit – $ 122 for $ 10 – just $ 10, Condrillo said. ”

16. Look at your inventory

Whether you are a fanatical swimmer or a summer sun bath, Condrillo recommends that you watch the swimsuit you already have. She said that if you have the right number, then only to find a real bargain when to buy a new swimsuit. This will save you doubling the amount of debris or styles you may not really need, so you can spend money unnecessarily.

17. Exchange swimsuit with friends

Have you ever bought your girlfriend’s wardrobe? If so, you and your friends have the opportunity to see the label still with swimsuit. Or maybe you might have a few friends you only wear once, maybe just for you. Create a Facebook event with friends and organize an interesting exchange – you may be lucky to get an expensive piece of clothing for free.

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