4 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid Starting Today!

Meta Description: It’s time to care for your skin and start avoiding the skin care mistakes most women tend to make on a daily basis! Take note of these no-nos when it comes to properly pampering your skin.

1. Sleeping With Your Makeup On

We know, we know. Some celebrities have said that sometimes, they leave their makeup on especially when they have an early day the next morning. A bit of retouching and they’re good to go. But you should hold your horses right there.

In the long run, unwashed makeup will continue to clog pores, and those pores will be home to bacteria that will cause blemishes, pimples, or worse, acne. Plus, this bad habit will age your face faster than average! So, make sure you wash your face well right before you catch some Zs. No skipping!

2. Too Much Exfoliation!

Yup, there’s such a thing as over exfoliating. Cleansing is good. Washing your face once in the morning and once before bed is healthy and is a must. However, exfoliating all the time— removing dead skin cells through using a granular exfoliation tool— won’t only remove dead skin cells but create tiny dents and cracks on your skin’s outer layer.

What do dermatologists recommend? Exfoliate once a week. Three is the max.

3. Poppin’ Those Stubborn Pimples

You’ve probably heard this before and we’ll say it again. Do. Not. Pop. Those. Pimples! Squeezing and popping zits will cause bacteria to sink in deeper, which, in turn, will cause even more swelling and redness.

To add to this, it will cause scarring on your face that may leave permanent marks. We understand that you want to get rid of them easily. Still, be patient. Better yet, apply creams that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to target bacteria and cause pimples to dry quickly.

4. Forgetting About Facial Toners

Us girls tend to not give much attention to this step when in fact, it’s just as important as the first 3 on this list. Facial toners tighten pores. Why is this important? It’s because when pores are tighter, there’s a lesser chance of them accumulating dirt and letting dirt cause blemishes, discoloration, and pimples.

Therefore, after washing your face, apply a gentle toner, and then top that off with your favorite moisturizer, and sunscreen.

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