How to Hide A Postpartum Belly?

After a long wait of nine months, your bundle of joy arrives. The baby comes with its perks: Smooth skin, hair velvety, and gurgles. However, it also comes with Something that you’d like not to have, that’s stomach fat. Hiding the postpartum belly is tricky even when you rely on voluminous sweaters and scarves. Here is the best waist trainer for women to help you camouflage your tummy.

  • Waist Belt Postpartum

The sculptshe waist trainer helps you relive water from the belly after giving birth. The tall belt puts pressure on the belly area, the thick stays at the waist area, and the third one supports your pelvis. The belts are breathable, and stretchy which allows air to circulate.

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  • Seamless Shorts Shaping

Short shapewear is great as they have extensive tummy control. Best if you choose to wear a shape-fitting dress or skirt underneath. You can also allow the shorts’ lace trim to peek out from below a dress.

sweat waist trainer
  • Highwaist Abdomen

Great for nursing mothers looking for extra assistance for their day-to-day ensembles. You can add other shapewear like bodysuit or shorts. The advantage of this piece is that this may be changed as the time of the postpartum progress.

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  • Tummy Slimming Control Underwear

This best shapewear for tummy and waist provides additional lift to your postpartum mid-section. With this shapewear, you can put on anything you want. For ultimate comfort check out the high waisted seamless panties.

best shapewear for women
  • Tanks and Bodysuits

A bodysuit or tank top should fit well for mummies who prefer shapewear that will provide coverage to all parts to their torso. You will just ensure to get the types that will make the nursing easier. A bodysuit fits well with the motherhood duties. You can wear anything with the tank top or bodysuit underneath.

best shapewear bodysuit

Invest in good shapewear when expectant to help you after the baby arrives. Specifically, if you are going to have a c-section, the shapewear becomes the most functional piece of cloth in your closet. It is not about feeling good this time around, but about feeling comfortable. It should support your back, retain your muscles, and take the pressure off your legs and back.

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