Jonathan Adler, Mr. Turk, a toast, a swimwear and an exposed model.

Mr. Turk’s Jonathan Skow and Jonathan Adler’s beaches are ready to talk about cooperation, the best photos and their first meeting: “we met in our beautiful years.”

“I forgot how lovely this store is! “Said the medieval style Jonathan Adler tycoon, looking at a locker room in the downtown Manhattan Trina Solar Turk / Turk’s shop on Tuesday night’s geometric door handle, where he sat down to talk about his new men’s swimming exercise Jonathan Skow, also known as Turk.

The size of the wardrobe is the only place in the noise of cocktail parties. The guests chew on the delicious pies and look at the clothes and exposed models in the swimsuit parade.

Two Jonathan – little east coast Adler, basketball player Angeleno Skow – had a quick and lively comeback when asked their first time to meet.

“He was trying to make me a pornographic movie,” Skow deadpans, an internal joke with “pearls covered” Adler likes the breast of the chest deductive seal in the humid Mr. Turk Instagram’s feed muscle man he shot (B is a long-term photographer as well as) exposed swimsuit.

“Actually we met here,” said Scott, looking around the cluttered locker room. “Actually, when we met in your office, your plan’s changing room. “This will be 2005, when Adler’s company was originally designed to combine Trina Solar, Turkish / Turk men’s dress and women’s wear boutique.

“Yes,” Adler said. “We met in many years.”

“Speak for yourself,” said the smile. “One of us is better than the other.”

Therefore, as they say, the origin of cooperation comes from many holidays they spend together with their spouses for many years. B married the designer Trina Turk, of course, and Adler’s wife is a writer, Barney ambassador and old New York downtown gourmet Simon Doonan.

“We’re just old sisters,” Adler said.

“You like to talk about the swimsuit,” talk about the swimsuit

“I can talk about swimsuits all the time,” agreed Adler.

“It’s annoying,” “shoot B. “In” that kind of attention. ”

All two designers like the 70s print. “When we make swimsuits, I will give their swimsuits a comment if we want to go to them,” Scott explained. “Our fingerprints are often more mechanical, and your photos are more geometric, but some of the things we do may be yours.”

“You know what is super cute, everything is red, white and blue. Patriotique! Adler said. “1976 is like my favorite year. Commemorative day.

“Yes,” the Scott agreed. “Memorial Day is a good year.”

The white party will quickly sign on the Fire Island summer stock in Palm Springs every month in Palm Springs, and time is impossible to collect the newly released swimsuit and cottage shirts (at Mr. Turk’s boutique and some Jonathan Adler retail stores, at and in the selection department store). These two short styles have become the best selling collocation shirts, they noticed.

“Do you really don’t like a set?” Adler is thoughtful.

“Our customers like making love. What can I say?” “Scott said, a moment of distraction.

“No,” cried Adler mishear a. “They like a matching equipment.” Our customers like new things, statement-y., they don’t just want to be one of the people in the swimming pool. They want to be the person everyone is talking about. ”

He added: “when Mr. Turk came to my office and I had no homosexuality in my office, he came like a rock star, and basically they wanted to be his subjects. Everyone in my office lives in Mr. T.’s house

“This is a common feeling,” said Scott, cunning. “A bit of competition.”

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